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I didnt get an add at all the first handfull of times i played but now i get an ad everytime i die. Just makes it less enjoyable Great job

It's amazing for the next update you should add a multiplayer to where you can choose friends and decline people that you don't want into that game.It's a great time killer I just love it! Muito bom!

I like this game but the constant adds ruin the flow. Not good enough to pay to remove them either. I just uninstalled instead. I expect adds but this was ridiculous. Perfect!

Cool game but sometimes it's IMPOSSIBLE to get to the other side because the stupid yellow lines get in it way or it's literally at the other side. Flawless

It's a good game it has adds but not that many love the um....,lol,forgot what there called the snakes Omg

Awesome take on the original snake games. My only complaint is crossing to another path is made literally Impossible at times. If, by chance, you go down a wrong path, you're not able to change over; blocked by white line or a block... People complain about the ads, but a simple back button solves that easily. Also, having to watch an ad for an extra life is reasonable. Omg

Ever since i got it i cant stop playing it .this game is awesome. (Did you get color switch?if not download it along with 4 pics 1 word #it will change your life) love it

This game is very good, the only down poor is that changing from one side to another is quite difficult. Apart from that other snakes are very easy to buy, and it is very fun and addictive. I recommend this game to patient people and people who enjoy something time passing... Perfect

It Tatiana game ha it the worst game I severed played it is a game for poor people and those who made it I salute them because of the making of worst game and tati game , thank u Great!

It is a great game in general but there are a few reasons that put me of giving ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.1:the graphics look like they've been around for Surprisingly

Can you make the x bigger then it will be fine. I say this because the x is microscop. Can you also turn the number of adds down. That will be it then it will be 5 stars. Recommend

I loved it ! It is really addictive and i cant stop playing. But the the adds are stupid. Flawless

Enjoy the game but acc so annoying how many adds there are, seams like every time i die I have to watch an add. Would be 5* if you could play two player or something like that and if there was meet to no adds Muito bom!

This recent update has made the game so much better auch as the challenges and being able to pick the color of your ball. Perfect!

nice game really fun to play but hate too much advertise and game is too laggy sometime, really hate that time Worth a go!

If you are waiting for someone or something this is the game to play , you can be entertained and wait for your friends or even for your food to get out Not bad

I love it just one problem when i just for egzample i go on a 35 block and ther is a 2 block next to me i cant turt to the 2 block♡♡♡♡ Cool

Estaría bueno que no tengas que mover el dedo por toda la pantalla para que la serpiente se mueva Well done!!

Very fun game. Only suggestion I would make is maybe to have bonuses for certain achievements. I.e. hitting a block with your exact number of balls would add a bonus to the score etc. But overall very fun and challenging Works great

I really like this fame. Its really entertaining and a little challenging. But if you want to play a fun game, play this. ❤❤ this game Awesome

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