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After reading the reviews about too many ads, I only played the game with Wi-Fi and cellular off to get it nice and ad free. The controls could be better but I didn't have any problems with them and I got the hang of the game quickly and made it pretty far. The creators just need to listen to other reviews and this game could be great Surprisingly

Far far too many adverts. The game is fun but as well a banner across the bottom there is a video advert played on pretty much every action you take. Perfect!

They need to work on how the ads are implemented. As it stands they're very intrusive, and often lead to misclicks. Other than that, very addictive gameplay Marvelous

You guys should add skins to the game cause after a while ur gets kinda boring to see the same Go well

What I don't understand is that it's asking allow snake vs block to access this devices location. NO why dose a freaking game where you break blocks asks that? Besides from that I like the game its a great time killer. I just love it. Highly Recommend.

Honestly not worth playing if I'm getting an ad before and after every challenge. Also i don't see why instead of normal game mode I can't choose to play in one of the challenge modes like crazy block or colored without doing a challenge. It's a good game but idea needs to improve and ads are annoying so may Uninstall soon Great!

Way too many ads. Every time anything happens you have to watch an ad. Otherwise it would have been 5 stars Worth a go!

Good game, too many ads. It's annoying after every challenges. Change please, now. Perfect!

My daughter plays on this , she's 7 so the game is age appropriate. Your ads however are NOT age appropriate! She just asked me if my boyfriend was in bed with someone else would I leave or join them. Advertising "episodes " which is a pegi 12 on a pegi 3 game is not acceptable 5 star

Gameplay wise I think the snake should move to where to tap on the screen ans not how you drag your finger. It's more fluid and intuitive that way. The amount of ads after you fail should be reduced though. Go well

This is an amazing game. Do not spoil it with too many ads. A video ad after every single game is annoying. Nevertheless the concept and execution is impeccable Flawless

Ads are annoying ... having back to back multiple ads. Game is fun for 5 mins until you're sick of it lol Superb!

Good game. 2 things. 1) very aggressive ads - really puts me off playing the game. 2) the game is just based off luck, which gets really boring after a while. Muito bom!

This game is light an fun! Best part are the challenges! Total time pass. The only drawback- too many adverts! Works great

When it says, "contains ads," it's an understatement. The game makes you exit out of two ads after each run. I'm honestly pretty sure they try to get you to lose within the first 10 seconds so you have to see more ads. It is a fun game after you get to the point where you can actually survive most blocks, but when I picked up a 5 and a 2 to start and then I have to go through a block that's a 19 it definitely makes it less fun. As a whole, the ads take away from the gameplay tremendously, which is why I gave three stars. Other than that, the game is actually fun. Muito bom!

If it wasnt for the excessive forced ads this game would be even better. I understand that the app has to make money but every time I do anything i get hit with an ad so all in all its okay but very addictive hence why I bought the bs premium so I could be ad free Enjoy it!

I thoroughly enjoy the amount of ads in this game. It's not too much but also not too little. I love how it gives you 63 ads after every turn. It's just the right amount. Thank you for making such a great game with a bountiful amount of ads. Highly Recommend.

111% are brilliant brand. Simplicity is an art and they are the Monet of mobile gaming. Shake VS. Block is no exception to their litany of awesomeness and it's hard to put this down. I love everything they do. Even if they aren't all masterpieces they all turn a unique twist on the status quo. I love it. 5 star

I would have given this game a five but I don't understand why you have to always keep pressing the challenge you want to do. Overall this is a great game.☺ Brilliant

If you like listening to music while you play, the ungodly amount of ads in this game will change that. Very laggy makes it impossible to play Great!

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