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This game is addictive, And I do enjoy playing it... however I upgraded to the premium without adds... And guess what... still seeing an add every 10 seconds. Smh. What a waste of money Worth a go!

The graphics and gameplay suit the game. It starts off a bit hard to control but you eventually get used to it. Great game! Muito bom!

To the developers, this is a fun game but consider having levels that as you advance in the game it becomes challenging. How can one just start off the game with a snake at 4 length and there are blocks of 20 and above? Having that address would cause this game to grow even more. Enjoy it!

Too many adds. Like after one life there is an add which we cannot cut. Please do something about it or I will uninstall the game Fantastic

WAAAAAAY too many ads. I don't ever use extra life and after 5 runs IN A ROW there was an ad. I would like to play two runs in a row please without an ad in between Brilliant

This game becomes impossible to play when you reach halfway thru the challenges. Its like it detects when you're almost going to accomplish the challenge because after that all of the next coming blocks will be too big a number for your snake Brilliant

I think this game is awsome. Nothing to dislike. It's simple, fun and addicting. To all those game critics and dis-likers out there, you're so wrong. Sorry to say but this game is it totally worth your last bite. GREAT GAME Works great

Its a fun and addictive game. Great pass time. But... The ads are cancer. Waaaayy too many. Turn of wifi/data when playing. The controls could be better. If you want to go from all the way left to all the right, you have to lift your finger off the screen. The block sizes are not random. It depends on the size of the snake. If you have a large snake, the box sides are 20+. The game forces you to be small and struggle. I dont like playing knowing the game is designed to stop you winning too much which beats the purpose. Cool

While the game is simple but fun the recently added challenges are not so. The first few were completed fairly easily as they should be for the start. But quickly I found the rest of the challenges to be far to reliant on the RPG factor blessing you with the proper mix of blocks to beat the challenge with. I don't think there is a real way to fix it unless some of the challenges are lowered in difficulty by just a smidge or if the code needs to have a few extra rules for the challenges to be passable. Just wow

Way way way way too many ads. I feel like I spend more time watching them than playing the game. So only 10 minutes after installation (a majority in that watching ads) I'm uninstalling it. It's a shame... looks like th kind of game I could really get into. Muito bom!

Everything is amazing. I would just like to suggest that you add powerups that could be collected within the game, bought, or new snakes have better powers. Powers can include a start with more number of balls, all blocks are of 1 for a short time, slow snake speed, bullets, and a lot of things to make this more interesting. Superb!

I love this game! It's a great time killer, it's addictive, but there is one thing wrong... Too many ads. WAY too many ads. Any time I finish a game a 15-30 second video ad come on. It's really inconvenient. wow lol

It's a great game and I'm so much addicted to it! The only thing I hated about it is the lack of features. There are not enough button in the main menu or in the game itself. I suggest to add a "pause" and "restart" button in the in-game options and "exit button" in the main menu just like the other games. Could you please hear out my suggestion? On the next update please? Go well

Lovely, very attention keeping game. The controls are responsive, the graphics are lovely, and I especially like all the options you can earn for your "snake". I live how simple and yet entertaining the concept is. My only complaint is the sheer number of ads. 2 per game is a little excessive, in my opinion. Cool

Fun and addicting, but very buggy. The ads are crazy frequent, and they do not allow you to control the snake for several seconds while they are loading. Touch responsiveness is sometimes off. Sometimes I can gently swipe to move a little bit, and the snake will move fine. Other times I will swipe a little bit, but the snake will shoot all the way across the screen. Recommend

This game is fine for a short while but it doesn't possess that addictive quality that kept you at the snake games for hours. The main issue for me though, was the ads. I understand why free games have ads and usually I don't mind but with this game there is such a painful amount. You cannot go a single level or try without one. It really takes away from the game as it feels like you are constantly being interrupted. Marvelous

Cool game, would like it to have sounds and more game modes. Update: YOOO, wth is going with you guys? The last 50 coins custom snake is hella disgusting. You guys need to be more productive, for instance the burger shape snake is super cool tho Amazing!

It's an additive game. It has really good concept. I don't have any ad because I closed its permission of data and WiFi. I can only say sorry to those who think the game is bad because they aren't smart enough to close the ads. Good

Love this game. The control is awkward; I'm not sure how to navigate the snake most effectively, but it's really fun. Ads are annoying but at least it's free... Worth it!

It's a great game and I'm so much addicted to it! The only thing I hated about it is that there are not enough button in the main menu or in the game itself. I suggest to add a "pause" button in the in-game options and "exit button" in the main menu just like the other games. Could you please hear out my suggestion? Surprisingly

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