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WAY too many ads. Sometimes I would be starting a game and as I was going an ad would pop up! And the ads are all the same too. Otherwise it's a really fun game (even though the challenges are EXTREMELY hard). 5 star

The game is fun, but is way too difficult to get very far in. You only have one path the snake can make it through, and you dont have enough time to even figure out what path to take. Ad's are terrible and ruin the game for me Marvelous

It's fairly easy just slide around. When it says 1 over your head you really have 2. YOU ALWAYS HAVE 1 EXTRA, but you will probably die unless you find a head. Perfect

I like it but too many long ads. Even for a free app there should not be THIS many interruptions. Kills the flow. Just wow

I think it is a amazing game and many people would like it but what I would say to make it better is to start whith 6or5 balls when you or me start I would really like a new game to come for younger children maby so they can have as much fun as we do. Works perfectly

Great game, wayyyyy too many ads. Makes it unplayable. I would definitely buy an ad free version if it were available. wow lol

Great game and although the ads are annoying just turn your wifi and mobile data off and there should be anymore ads Enjoy it!

I love this game but after every round you play, an ads goes on. It os so annoying. Good

This game is an excersize for the brain and hard to stop playing. 5 Stars over all. Perfect!

Fun game but it makes the navigation buttons on my phone (Huawei P8 Lite) disappear, and it has no menu option to exit the game meaning I had to restart my phone to get out of it. Uninstalled. Works great

It's not too hard to control but it's really good of a game I think is interesting and I really like it I'm glad you guys created it and I think a lot more people should take up space for their phone because I really like this app so I hope you like it too love it

Calm,Chill Game Good Game Too But You Might Want To Turn Sensitive Down A Bit Because I Cant Controll It That Fast But Ill Get Used To It. Fabulous!

No music. Background music should be incorporated. Rest, the game is quite simple and addictive. Pretty good

Went from 4* to 3*. those ads are absoloutly horendous. 2 ads take 30 seconds each so thats a minute of your time already, i would happily rate this 5* if the ads was taken off or taken down to one every 5 minutes. so close to uninstalling because its annoying. Amazing!

I love this game except there's way to many ads every time I try to beat a level and die ad when I win a challenge ad Cool

Paid for no ads and I'm still getting ads. Why? How do I get my money back if it's going to keep giving ads every time I lose? Omg

Wow good game gg 10/10 keemstars ign I play it everyday bro with no Disney Channel flow Still reviewing? Ballsacks Worth it!

Its very adiccding! This game is so much fun and a great time killer! I will keep playing this game because its pretty cool! The only reason I gave this 4 stars is because i think you should Make it so you can make your snake go backwards, so if we pick the wrong path, we can go back. ;) Highly Recommend.

I love this game it is pretty cool it makes me want to play it all day everyday but I can't play it all day or every day. And every one says good time killer why do they say that like no one in this game has a gun to kill or anything to kill you mite be thinking because you get beat by a block it is not killing you OK Perfect

I think it is a really fun game. My only complain is that some of the skin's either don't work or are really laggy. Now, I'm not sure if it is just my tablet or if it is just the game. Overall, great game! 5 star

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