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This game is pretty good and a cool concept but it can get a little frustrating at times. There's little skill and mostly luck, it could also be expanded but overall it's an OK game. Not that fun though Muito bom!

The game seems to be under the impression that it is a "skill" game. No. This is 90% a game of blind luck. You just can't see far enough ahead to actually make the right decisions that don't lead to the higher number blocks without a complete guess. Several of the challenges are literally impossible without perfect luck and the controls sometimes require you to readjust in the middle of gameplay. Pretty good

The game was working just fine before the last update, but now as the snake changes it's position after collecting more than 50 , the screen becomes blurry and shakey. Although I love the new emoji update you guys did. It's awesome. Enjoy it!

Good game overall, but I have literally NEVER seen a game with so many ads. It's insane! After every life you must watch an ad. Why? Perfect

It's a good game concept but they need to Nerf it s little more. A lot of dead spots to fail... ... then you get an ADVERTISMENT to watch (of course). So... I don't know if they did that on purpose to get more money out of advertisements. ....yeah probably they did that... Money it's always about money. Perfect!

I don't usually play games, but I download on regular basis. I gave up easely because I get bored. This thing's brilliant. It's annoyingly clever....that's how good it is. You have to try to beat it! Pretty good

Very very addictive game. Though I like the game but controls of the game are little bit not good for the selected gameplay. Well, your concept is very good. I suggest that you should improve graphics of the game. Cool

Great game. The 30 second ads between almost every attempt and the occasional immediate jump back to the game which kills you and triggers another 30 ad is too much. The ability to play a bit more might make me consider the premium version. But it's too impossible to get into a flow in the free version. Just wow

I quite like this game, but I think it needs sensitivity settings because I have a horrendous screen protecter, so when I try to move it doesn't get what my fingers are doing on the controls. Other than this problem I think it is amazing though! Cool

It's annoying how you have to tap the screen a thousand times when you unlock a new skin, but besides that I like it. It's fun when you're bored Highly Recommend.

Wonderful game its adicting Not bad

I think that they should get rid of the adds instead of making us buy it because the adds make the game laggy and its hard to play like that so I have to turn off my WiFi to get rid of all the adds Perfect!

It's good fun but as other people say the ads are annoying, so annoying in fact I play this with airplane mode on. Also you can't see far enough ahead to know which path to go down so you die because you've had to take a punt Fantastic

This is the best game ever!it is very nice to play on the weekend rather than on Friday or Thursday. And it's a time breaker when you are bored Well done!!

I LOVE this game but the ads are really frustrating. Multuple ads appear not even 2 minutes apart. Every few times you click something an ad appears that you cant get out of. Stop it! Brilliant

Ok, but it gets boring after a while. It's quite fun to get the new snakes, but when you've had it for too long and the quests get really hard. Go well

Controls can be frustrating at times, but that is the nature of a touch screen. More frustrating are the bars that force you into specific pathways with no escape. If you choose the wrong one too early you are screwed further up and cannot correct yourself. Still, addicting gameplay. Superb!

The game if fun but uninstalled due to the amount of ads .. I could play a game like this for ever but deal lord the ads are impossible Muito bom!

It is a great time killer and I was playing the game when my aunt wi'l I was playing it and I got her to be so angry. She said that she deleted the game after she saw how good I was. Highly Recommend.

Good game overall, however the adds were excessive. After every game there is an add, and games dont tend to last that long so about half of your game time playing this app is watching adds. wow lol

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