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When you start you should not be seeing 20-50 point blocks. They should come gradually. When is starts speeding up the game tends to get choppy. The controls are okay...could use a option to move backwards imo. Marvelous

It starts off with the blocks a bit too high I think that they should gradually go up so it easier to get better, however this game is a great time waster and is fun to play. Works perfectly

I tried this game out on an iphone first. Loved the fluid control so decided to try on my Android device. The control is not so great. There is a definite lag in control. Not so fun. love it

Great game but could be better with music and sound effects and especially more game modes. And wouldn't hurt to be a bit customizable. Superb!

It's a great time killer and an entertaining game would recommend to anyone who is bored and looking for some fun Go well

It is really fun when you are soooo bored.. 5 star

This game is a future trend so lets go through the steps 1. Install 2. Play for 5 minutes 3. Keep on phone until trend 4. uninstall 5. I played it before it was cool 6. Hipster goals Just wow

Awesome game but... It doesnt have a pause function! Add the option to pause the game and I'll give 5 stars. Perfect!

I is a good game and it is addictive but the only problem was the adds but overall it is a good game Worth it!

It's a fun game, good to pass time. But who ever thinks that this game suck, go kill yourself. Flawless

Love it - addictive challenging and fun. Occasional glitch were I suddenly slide super fast to the side but otherwise flawless wow lol

I love it if you playing this game is very good and I can't stop playing this game.want to play This​ game now Fabulous!

Its very interesteing and pretty challenging when u get alot 8of balls because i dont want to lose it Amazing!

I love the game but why am I getting ads when I paid not to see them? Please advise. Works great

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