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Wasn't very impressed with this game. Controls are off, not very responsive and you don't haven't any times to prepare yourself for what's coming. Cool

This game is great just make the numbers you can collect larger I can't collect all the dots so I need larger dots to collect Muito bom!

This is a fun game to play with your friends to see who can get the highest score Great job

I think it very fun and relaxing.It is also a great time killer.I recommend this game 5 star

Simple game. Good for wasting time. Glad they seemed to have toned down the ads Worth it!

I did this so they can stop aski ng me too....but it's a great game and worth downloading. Good

I really like the game the graphics r great and the game is sooooooo addictive and it is really fun to play rate 100% Worth a go!

This is more a game of luck then anything, you cant see whats coming up fast enough to avoid getting into something u cant escape without losing Enjoy it!

This is a fun good game to kill time it's challenging the control's are simple put your finger on the phone and move it the graphics are okay I really like this game and I hope you do to. Enjoy it!

So I got the game and I got the "premium no add" and yet it all of the sudden, it started to give me adds. I love the game, but * dont like the adds!! Very good game though. Well done!!

I honestly loves the game its so addicting but yall could shorten the ads a lil theres way too many Fantastic

Its Fun cant but my phone down. But i wish there was some music or something to hear. Recommend

At first I was like meh them when I got to 100 I was addicted it now my high score is 457 Pretty good

I think that this would get people to understand how to get the numbers and they need to know how to use it. Not bad

It's a very addicting game and it's not "just like all the others" game. Just watch out for the big numbers!! Great job

I think it is a great game look up dmv Ryan look in his subscriptions and subscribe to me his channel has the Maryland flag Omg

It is addictive because I play non stop but I just started and I highest score is like 451 Brilliant

Well I think it could use some fixes with my device it gos slower as I hit blocks Fantastic

This game is very fun and i cant stop playing it . This game is amazing . This is a great idea for a game Cool

The gameplay in this app was ok so are graphics,and controls, but the only thing is you can't PAUSE!!! If you make a game at least make it so the users can pause. And I'm confused about the white background. Btw Color Switch is so much better Worth a go!

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