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This is such a fun and addicting game u should get it! But there is wayyyyyy to many adds I think u should fix that please Muito bom!

Intuitive gameplay and suitable for all skill levels but a bit too many full screen ads to be comfortable. 5 star

boooo..i paid for premium just to play without ads..unfortunately the ads are still there!!! Just wow

Amazing and addictive game! Good game to kill time while in the car or even at home! I don't stop playing this in the evening it is on every gadget I have! Just wow

It is OK, you should do different things like stars but keep The circles. I wouldn't say this game is my favourite but it is REALLY better than colour switch And I mean really Highly Recommend.

Would be more addictive, if it didn't start off so fast. Not enough time to react or choose paths. Ends up being a game of chance, and not skill. Has potential to be ore addictive and more fun. If that was the case, I would support it enough to pay for an AD free version. Pretty good

The game seems interesting but the ads take too long between lives. I'm all for free games getting revenue with ads but you shouldn't be spending more time watching ads than you are playing the game Omg

Its a good concept but... The snake needs to be more responsive. And there are also WAY TOO MANY ADS. Every time you die, it's a 30 second ad. I solved this problem by turning off my wifi, but that made it less responsive. I guess that's alright but since I like the concept I am going to keep it, but I would not recommend this game if you hate turning off your wifi. 5 star

There are way to many ads, is wouldn't mind if they were 5/10/15 seconds long, but each ad was 30 seconds. Otherwise the game is great, but its not worth $4.38 for the premium version Not bad

All in all i like the game. There are a lot of ads but I feel as though that's just part of the game experience these days. They only get annoying when they interrupt gameplay. There should only be ads when you lose. However, the snake does move a bit fast. I think it should start slow and gradually get faster throughout gameplay. Also the snake isn't perfectly in line with your finger. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but it's a little annoying at times. Just wow

Its a simple but fun game really, but I don't like the controls. The snake goes faster than my finger so it gets out of place which makes the game harder that it should be. The game itself isn't hard, but the majority of the time I'm dying because I couldn't move the snake the right way. There also is some ads but I don't think it's a ridiculous amount. Worth it!

This game is fun and really addicting. I told some of my fans about this app on my YouTube channel and told them to try it out. I can't wait for some updates to come around in the future. Cool

Game is fun, but WAY too many ads!! They force you to watch 30 secs of ads after a couple losses. Many of the ads are inappropriate for my boys who I'd let play the game, but I won't because of the ads. It was so aggravating I uninstalled the game:( Awesome

The game looks cool and I like the concept, but the snake needs to be more responsive, it never follows your finger exactly. Another complaint I have is that you should be able to see the blocks before you have to decide which side of a wall you go on. Sometimes you die because there's not a single block under 30 right off the bat. For a skill based game, luck and RNG should have no place. If this issue was corrected, I would give this game a 5 out of 5. Omg

Very addictive, but there's just too many ads, and why should we pay for premium, only to play without ads? I'd rather delete the game, and find another time killer. But the game is really good tho. Cool

Wonderful, but really difficult even in the beginning. Can you make it a bit easier? Or have different difficulty modes? 5 star

It's awesome nothing can compare to it. i needed this game a long time ago. It takes things off your mind and helps u Concentrate Great job

Its fun and challenging. The only thing that is kinda dumb is that there is some levels where there is a wall of numbers that you cant break no matter what Go well

Worked great on my Honor 8 until the latest update. The movement isn't as smooth now, makes it pretty unplayable as it's so annoying. Perfect

Good time waster, but $5 for ad free? Are you serious? This game on its own isn't even worth $5, so why would I pay that just to get rid of the ads? Good

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