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This game is so fun, however it will stop right in the middle of a game to play an ad and then you have to start over. What?? I don't know of any other app that stops you while you're in the middle of a game to show and ad and then makes you start over again! I would have given this app 5 stars if not for that. Amazing!

The game could be so good. But instead of following your finger, it gets stuck on blocks and you have to actually pick up your finger and replace it when you bump into anything. Also the powerup is not clear at all without sound when it will end. Marvelous

Could be a great game....if there wasn't a forced ad after every single thing you do.... If the game has to be so ad heavy at least give the option to cancel them instead. Most likely I'll uninstall purely because of this fact. Well done!!

Very nice game. Despite the slight problem of ads, I reckon the money for no ads is worth it for such an addictive game. However, I would make a slight improvement. When you die and go to watch an ad for an extra life, I would have a little countdown of when the game will resume instead of throwing you straight back back into it from out of the blue. Overall, definitely worth trying. Good

I switched from an iPhone to Pixel 2. I really enjoyed playing this game on my iPhone 6 but in Android it is less sensitive and moving the snake from one corner to other corner is way difficult. I did not find any setting to set the sensitivity high. I Will definitely rate this game 5 stars if you can fix this issue in Android. Works perfectly

It's a very fun game with so much to offer, the snake colors are very funny and colorful, but one thing I do not like is that there are SO many ads! When you simply try to restart a game it makes ANOTHER ad pop up for the 35 time. Please fix this issue. Highly Recommend.

TOO MANY ADS!! When someone downloads a game, believe it or not... they downloaded the game to play it, not watch ads before each round you play, after each round you play and to be interrupted while you are in the middle(which rings your run in this game) of your game. It would've been a fun game had I would've had moor time to play it instead of watching ads Go well

This is the best game ever! Its challenging but the best part about it is the controls! U should totally give it a five star cause when u play your mind will explode! So i downloaded this game is awsome! The person who made the game put lots of effort in it! #awsome. I fell in love with this game! Just wow

I want to like it, but the incessant ADs! I get a 15 minute break and I try to play, but the ADs get more time than the game. Yes it also sends me to a dead end. Why? So I can see more Ads! Soon I will have to delete because it was going to be a break time game. Just wow

This is an awesome game. Prevent it's internet access via data usage of the app. It doesn't need internet connection to function. I use Adaway app, so I don't see ads. But in my sister's phone, ad is a trouble with this app. Use such a thing and disable it's internet access. Then you will experience a very nice game wow lol

Good game, addictive. Only gripe the challenge where you have to die in like 15 secs but getting through the blocks takes time which eats away at the needed to complete challenge. Yet when you have to survive for so long the timer stops when going through a block. Seems a bit unbalanced to me. Fabulous!

WAY to many long ads. I'd be fine with a 5 second ad after every life, but the ads last 30 seconds. Either lessen the ad play time or reduce the occurrence of an ad to every 5 lives or so. This game is so simple its just not worth buying the ad free premium version. I'd rather just find another game. Well done!!

Guys this game is the best offline game I have ever played as it is toooooo much addictive. U would not believe me, firstly u would die very easily but as u play on then it would be easy to create high score. It also makes your reflexes more faster. The creators have done a great work. And people who are saying there are lots of adds are talking rubbish. Play it!!!!! Brilliant

There are two drawbacks in this game. First one is ads are very irritating and simple trick to get rid of those ads is just turn of your mobile internet during game play. Second one is this game is all about how fast you respond. But walls are not letting us to do so. This should be changed 5 star

Other than the ads which I got prompted to pay to remove but they didn't get removed. It's not a bad game. It just took my money for jobs reason apparently because the ads are still there and annoying Great job

Nice concept, nice controls, the problem is that is too much randomnes and less skill. It forces me in corners where I'm definitely dead or the good boxes are in corners where i can't go because of the walls and that also means im dead. Please make it less random or ar least make that if i comith to a path and because of the game i cant chage is, at least dont make the first mistake ista death. 5 star

Its really fun to play, I like how you can test your brain with it. It has helped me do quick maths. The only thing I dislike is when you die you have to watch 30 sec videos that you can't skip. Apart from that its a really good game Must have

This game is fun. I have a few issues with it though. It's hard to make it through the game because there are very large blocks soon after the game begins. Maybe start off with slightly smaller blocks at the begining so that you can have a game longer than 2 seconds from time to time. That and the placement/amount of adds in the free version is infuriating. Well done!!

I have seen a lot of Adds on Instagram for apps like this. And they usually have the caption " MORE ADDICTING THAN A FIDGET SPINNER." But this app is actually better than the other ones that I seen. It took a bit to get used to it. But now I must say, it is one of the best apps I have. Superb!

This app was OK. I had heard good things about this app so I decided to get it and to be honest I was pretty disapointed. It was really hard to controll the snake and there was an add like every 10 seconds! The only reason I kind of like this app is because it would be good maths practice and be fun at the same time. Fantastic

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