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I know everyone say that it's copy blah blah blah I don't know then what ...... Pretty good

ಬೂಹುಪ್೪ಹಜಜರಿಪಸಲಲಲಲವನಮೊೈಗಗಗಗಗ೦ಡ೦ಡ೦೧್ಬು೫ೀರವಲೀವಬಲನಿೈಯ Worth it!

Everyone says "copycats!" but to be honest i think it is even better than wow lol

I think the controls were a bit of.....but other than that it was PERFECTLY mabe Amazing!

You should've given us the right to create our own name.. Not just random names lol Must have

COPICATS this game is exact like it is a waist of your time if you already Good

It is better than i could play it for hour and still be on the leader board Omg

If y'all think you can do better at creating a game app well then quit bitching and get to it. Everyone wants to be a critic but what are you truly doing with your lives Marvelous

Its really good and fun. I really liked it... But, they are the same thing as slitherio but this is cuter! Muito bom!

Actually there are billions of games dat copied so it doesn't matter at least give the creators some respect for making a game that kids can enjoy. So I give the creators of this game a appoligy because assuming that it was the only game that copied it so for your info at least it's a good game because without game devs there would not be games for u to assume that it copied another game and without games in the world we both would be lost. Perfect

Like, but... I like everything but the part it goes black when you want to play. Probally because I have an old phone Marvelous

This app is sooboring and I think you've got a good idea for a while and I will have a great weekend and we will be in the other day basis and I will be in touch I will be in touch with a good idea of what are you wow lol

This game is okay,I like they have nice names like Lily,Linda and Amy its a good game but is better Fabulous!

I love this game it is so fun me and my sister always play this game and we love it love it

Really like this game Problem is your can't even choose your own nickname and it's real easy to get on the leader board Highly Recommend.

Nice game Even that we can't put our name it still nice and even it is not original it is nice Superb!

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