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Perfect! Just what I needed. And at only 9KB, it will have zero effect on your phone's performance. 5+ stars. Thank you, developer!

Amazing Was exactly what I wanted. No adds or lag. Just wakes my phone up when I get messages on my default sms app. Its perfect.

Awesome Running Google messenger on ATT S6 edge. Missed my screen wake up on notification, works perfectly.

Best sms app Simple and ease. Not need to do anything else but install and set the time. Love it and have been a user for well over a year.

Just simply perfect!! I have the LG G3. The screen does not light up when you get a text or notification.. Only thing I hate about this phone. This app fixes that! Thanks so much!! Definitely deserves 5 stars!!

Perfect - Simple Exactly what I was looking for. Simply wakes phone to existing lock screen, no pop-up messages, no interruptions. Thank you

Does the job! Perfect! Coming from an iPhone, this was exactly the feature that I was looking for. Does the job!

Just what I've been looking for This. Is. Perfect. I've been trying to find an app that does just this. I'm happy with my phone's default message app and popup and this is the best app I've found to simply wake your phone when you get a text. I couldn't ask for anything more. :-)

Awesome! Great app I've used since the Android 1.x days. Works perfectly, I don't know why this isn't baked into the OS.

Led notification bug solved My led notification for sms doesn't work after updating to ics but with this app my issue is solved..this app really deserves 5 stars!!!

Thanks to the developer! Works well; works even on silent mode in my unit, no glitches so far. Can change how long u want the lcd on. This dev has lots of useful apps for phones w/o much pre-installed utilities. Also using his Bar Control app :-)

#manage-your-phonecalls The best!! The app is small in size yet it does perfectly what it's made to do. No annoying popups that commonly fail to work properly. Thanks to the developer!

Finally! Yes,flash issue with receiving sms in Xperia is dissapointing but this app does the job.happyyyy!

Does exactly what it says it does.! This app is small and does everything I want it to do, have recommended it to multiple friends who have switched from iOS and other android friends. Thank you for the nice and simple app.

Support us! Amazing app, but please bro need the same idea of this app to the missed call to help Xperia users who have ICS 4.04 notification led bug from the rom thanks. Recommend to get SMSAwake APK.

Perfect! This does exactly what I want! No fancy stuff or annoying popups. Just a simple screen light up. Thank you!. Recommend to take SMSAwake APK.

Awesome! Works perfectly! Really a boon for Sony Live With Walkman users who have updated their phones to ICS. Is it possible to provide a feature to change the rate of LED notification? Such an update will be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot! :-)

Nice and simple - works great on Nexus S! I recently upgraded from a Nokia 6303, and I was amazed that stock Android OS didn't light the screen up when an SMS arrived... One scenario that bugged me was If I'm sitting at work, phone on desk in silent mode (obviously can't feel it vibrate) - I didn't know when a text arrived - a real pain. With this app now installed, I'm happy! Cheers for creating this.. Recommend to take SMSAwake APK.

#make-friends Absolutely excellent! I want the phone/display to turn on without pop ups and this ...! Absolutely excellent! I want the phone/display to turn on without pop ups and this app does exactly that. Dell Streak (FroYo).

#tell-a-joke Does exactly what it said it does, exactly what I wanted. More options/toggle would ...! Does exactly what it said it does, exactly what I wanted. More options/toggle would be nice. Magic+

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