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nice game, waiting to open orbs is a pain and begs the need for paying for crystals Works great

Dear Smashing Four, I've been playing this game for quite some time now. And suddenly these 1300-1600 trophy guys, with no clan and cards at insanely high levels (common lv11, epic lv7). Would like a response on whether they are from you, or hackers. Recommend

I've reinstalled the game and nothing don't want the same comment bk as others pls let us no what's happening Perfect!

Hey guys! Game not loafing all day. Game restart, phone restart and game reinstall all done and still not loafing!!! What an awesome game idea! :) I love it! Challenging and entertaining! Cool

Gone completely wrong lost 200 points because it won't let me take my go. Fix it or it's an uninstall, shame because I like the game. Worth a go!

Controls have a slightly irritating learning curve. No google services. You very quickly learn about the pay to win structure of the game, but it's to be expected i guess.. Worth it!

Game is great, but 3 stars only becouse i can't connect with facebook. Login page won't display. Go well

Superb game. The key to victory is to try and get more than one hit per turn. Looking forward to future updates because I would like to see clans in this game. Top work devs. Just wow

I would like to rate it 5 stars but..... i cant even play it gets stuck at 58% at tehloading screen Must have

This game is heating my tablet up like a marshmallow on an open fire. Therefore I cannot play it anymore due to glitching. Fix this please, thank you. Great!

I really like the game, you can tell that the devs put a lot of though and love in to it, but I find myself only playing 3 to 5 times a day. This is because of the long waiting times of the orbs, once you have full orbs there is no real motivation to keep playing. I suggest lowering the orbs time, or add another game mode were we can have a chance of collecting cards/gold. This would make us keep playing the game working on our progression. As it is now the progression it's really slow wow lol

As a gamer and YouTuber this game has intrigued me enough to actually feature it on my channel, It is fun and clearly miles from perfection but it is also very clear that the creators of this game are very passionate and creative, I look forward to the future of this game! If you wish, you can come watch me play this game myself to get a feel for it. Once I get more involved with the game I will be posting tips, strategies and even decks that could help you along. My YouTube channel is: Mangek Gaming I hope to see you there. PS. Well done guys! Marvelous

The game itself is good but what stops it being great is the fact it takes ages to collect enough gold to upgrade characters and the orbs that you collect takes so much time to open, I can see this putting a lot of players off if this is not balanced out in some way... also a suggestion would be an option to refuse random low quality orbs after each win! Perfect!

The game is good it was working for two days but then started losing connection all the time geewa sort your servers out enjoyment robbed off me again Fantastic

Fun and Addictive, easy to play and a good idea for a game, I'm sure there's more to come! Keep up the good work Worth a go!

Hra me bavi. Ze zacatku jsem nabil dojmu, ze je to okopirovany Clash Royale (s tim chce panove vyvojari neco udelat). Avsak princip boje je uplne jiny. Hra se je teprve na pocatku rozvoje, takze vam odpoustim obcasny chybicky jako mireni (obcas se stane, ze muzete mirit jednim smerem a sipka vam bude ukazovat jinam). Taky jsem objevil chybu u samana - ve vlastnostech je psano, ze ubira 40% poskozeni hrdinum, ale pak v boji je u nepr. hrdinu napsanu, ze ubraj jen 30% Perfect

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