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Finaly a game about skill for the most part ... if your good at pool you'd be great at this game. No advertising during any part of the game is awesome! Congrats guys. Over all its a great game. Awesome

Clash Royale with a twist. This game will be huge soon. There are bugs though. Some unit powers don't activate after lv 5. See Archer, she doesn't shoot arrows. Not bad

Fun game, I'd give 5 stars for combined fun, challenging an relaxing...also like that the makers get back to you fast. Great time Fantastic

Kinda slow start but fun and challenging live action real opponents friendly fun time killer kid tested stoner approved Must have

The controls cancel each time you go onto the buildings and its just annoying but everything is pretty good Works perfectly

Fun game, I'd give 5 stars if orbs opened a little faster. 3 hours is a bit when ya only gain 2 cards. But I do like the game just new to it. Not bad

I love this game. I do think there should be a way to heal yourself in the arena. I am only 3rd on most fighters so a may not have unlocked the healer as of yet. Brilliant

It's a great idea and I very much love the twist on arena battles. I think with some development and expansion this could rival clash royal. Definitely needs some more characters cheaper orb speedup would be great, and just a thought maybe like a weapon system in a future update that would be killer Muito bom!

Such a fun game, but freezing in the middle of battles and sketchy controls near the edge of the screen are hard problems to ignore. Also the rewards from chests are so small its hardly a motivation to keep playing. I hope there will be updates soon that address these issues as it is a very fun game when it works right. Fantastic

Its a good game. When you are on the side of the arena it is awkward to pull back to make a shot however it is a very simple game with good replay value! Great job! Flawless

Great game I love it and see myself spending lots of time on it but the controls suck when your guys are on the corner or side of the playing field you can hardly aim and sometimes your guys go and art without you lifting your finger they need to fix Good

I feel like the game is hard to get anywhere I would suggest you should be able to get more gold per round receiving one or two gold seems a bit ridiculous considering the cost of some of the cards. The cards special abilities should be able to be unlocked a lot sooner also in my opinion other than that it seems like a good game Flawless

Great game overall. Only problem I have is the fact that they don't bounce at the correct angles so you have to learn how the angles work Highly Recommend.

This is a great take on a clash royale style game. Would like to see more cards lol Go well

Pretty fun game, should add donation limits and cards earned from Orbs to arena descriptions. Surprisingly

Good game but, you should get more coins for winning a match. Also you should get more cards and coins from the chests you get from winning. Fantastic

early days, need more coins and maybe quicker orb unlocking or store a few more/option to remove Fantastic

The game itself is great. My major issue is the reduced turn time if you have to miss a turn. My connection dropped out and by the time I had it back the game I had just started and was in a great position in was destroyed as the other player managed to have 4 free turns in 20 odd seconds :-/ personally would prefer to wait out lagged out players turns and make the game fairer than having a sly win. Works great

The game itself is good, bu the quantity of cheaters at low levels is so big. And there are also many bugs in the arena, if your unit gets close to a corner you can't use it anymore. Very good concept, but not that good gameplay. Would be glad for an anti-cheat system. Like if he gets a perfect triple kill in 1v3 situation once is just lucky, twice is lucky too, but three or more times in a row? Awesome

Good time killer quite addictive... But no need to constantly play it just a fun interesting game of pool Brilliant

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