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Love the game. Really fun to play and balanced so even non paying players can do well. One complaint I have is the new addition of zombie has a bug, when hitting a buffed opponent the poison touch doesnt replace the buff. Please fix this issue. Pretty good

It's a good game, but I don't understand why some units hit once but it counts as two hits. The wizard is a good example. My unit is banked off the wall with a wizard but it counts as two wizard hits as well as the wall hit. I don't get it and it isn't fair. Highly Recommend.

Structured like clash royale (that's a good thing) but with different game play. Lacking more variation in character abilities, but over all really fun. Go well

Love the game however I think it should be taken in turn with each new game you play so for example when you load the game it's the opponents turn then when a new game start it should be the like my turn coz every game I played it seems to always be the opponents turn Awesome

Hello people who made this game,I liked this game and it has potential to be better so im going to list a few things that could give it a little more fancy if ya know what I mean. 1:Add tournaments 2:Add legendary cards becuase people stay to collect and giving really hard ones to get is a way to keep them playing and buying 3:more cards and arena's (yeah ya knew I was gonna say that) 4:Make adds to advertise your game (if ya already have then plz forgive me for my mistake) 5:2v2 6:Events. 7:more ways to play besides simply hittinh your oppenent,hint:collect,break,GOLF. Thats all my ideas that will certainly give your game a little more oof for playing,now plz stop reading this becuase its already to long but still...thank you Great job

On the whole it is a great game. Let down by the grind to level up cards. Eats battery on the s7 edge too. I am afraid I shall be uninstalling. But may revisit if they sort these issues out Not bad

If you don't plan to pay, don't play. The free rewards are more like torture devices attached to your penis. Go well

I like this game, where it resembles clash royal with a twist. I personally don't mind the wait time to unlock the orbes. The only downside is receiving what's inside, is not alot. If it were changed where you get say 10 cards and roughly around 20-40 coins for a regular orb and more than 3 coins if you win a battle the game would be much better as far being able to upgrade if you're trying not to spend alot of money. Other than that the game is great and I look forward to seeing what the developers do in the future!! Omg

Easy controls, could compare to a moblie pool game. Heroes are pretty unique. Free to play option (be warned as for any f2p its still a grind). Could use a starter pack option for cheap. I personally like tossing $2-3 at a game for a booster in the beginning, but, thats just my opinion. Must have

Awesome game with a awesome concept. Only problem is that I can't switch out any heroes. I'm stuck with the default heroes. Any idea as to a fix? Pretty much ruins the entire game. Worth it!

Great game. Only complaint,are the orbs and chests give very small rewards for the amount of time you must wait. Definitely worth a try. Go well

Man I love playing this game. If you like playing pool n RPG games, then U'll love playing it too. Enjoy it!

Week of playing slow to start but gets going. Good little time waster. Good work guys. Fantastic

Good game but lower the wait times,and give more gold other then that great game Highly Recommend.

I like the game alot but the con. Only unlock 1 orb at a time that takes 3 hours is a long time. If you have all the orb slots filled there really is no point to play the game until there done or atleast 1 is done. Maybe or begin the unlocking process with 2 orbs instead of 1 charging bad. Also my give players more gold cause the gold you acquire isn't alot so leveling up your character takes long as well unless your a pay to play person. Great!

It's set up just like Clash Royale, so it's easy for vets of that game to jump into. The gameplay itself is intuitive and novel, but it does take quite a long time to really get started without spending cash, as character abilities don't open up for several levels, and cards are few and far between, which means it takes A LOT of dedicated grinding to build a decent squad. Not sure if I've got the patience to wait that long, but I'm currently keeping an open mind... for now. Just wow

The concept is great and enjoyable, I can see how p2p will push you ahead significantly due to f2p orb limitations on quantity and the length of time to get each orb. In order for this game to get to the next level the gap has to close between the two. Gameplay is basic but works, it's still in the infancy stage so I will continue to monitor if the devs make this game stand out from the rest. love it

This game is awesome. Definately worth a download . It is a great strategy game with leveling up aspects to it. It feels like a cross between pool and pokemon! I'm thinking about covering it on my YouTube channel. wow lol

Great strategy and lots of fun, the only downside to it is that upgrading characters greatly increases their power, which makes it much more challenging when going up against players with higher levels characters. It just feels a little unbalanced. That could easily be sorted out if more people got into the game though, since games could theoretically be more balanced Highly Recommend.

It's a great game, but I'm finding it hard to compete with people my level or with my level expertise. I'm getting matched up with people who have Fighters 2 to 3 levels higher than mine. Not to mention this game really pushes you to spend money. The orbs take forever to unlock and I'm really starting to see the difference between who has dropped money on this game and who hasn't. I've been playing this game for almost 2 days and the longer I play it the more I realize it's a pay to win. Good

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