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So i only play clash Royale in my phone. But this game is a keeper too top job! There is a lot of room for improvement but I give it a 10/10 Recommend

The concept and the visuals are attractive. This is an addiction. The gameplay could have been faster and contents of orbs can be revised ... wow lol

A great game ..nicely done by your group.:) but its more fun with new more map new heroes new features and more balance in battle matching..and its more fun when the graphics is more clearer.tho the graphics was clear its more fun when it improves a lil bit..nice game nice game keep it up :) Go well

Great simple game. Theyre a bit tight on the coin rewards after a win but apart from that, thumbs up. Oh, is there a way to change your arena after levelling up? Fantastic

I enjoy the game but for some reason I can no longer open the app without it restarting my phone!please help! Marvelous

I think this app is great, the only thing that bothers me is that it gives you little to no gold on matches and orbs Not bad

Game is good, but how to change account? Even i reinstall the game it still login the same account Great!

Great game, good graphics, easy controls and continuous play ability. It's like clash Royale meets shuffle board Pretty good

Love the game just started and you have gained a new fan in me. The only other simple thing that can be done to make the game grow is for you to make it possible to where we can add other players as friends or recruit other players to your clan. Some of the players do not have facebook and Facebook should not be the only way to gain friends. Try making it to where we can use friend codes to invite others to the game. This game has A LOT OF POTENTIAL to be greater. I know many that like the game and would play it if they didn't need Facebook to connect with friends. Some gamers are antifacebook Worth a go!

Addictive To developers put some videos ads to reduce the time opening and u can earn money Great job

This game is extremely fun, but a few balance issues take away from the overall experience. Foe example, abuse the pirate because with this current update he is almost impossible to kill. Also, if you really want to win consistently, just drop a few hundred dollars in the game to become unstoppable! Other than those minor issues, and the fact that if you run out of coins you'll never get them back, this game is GREAT! Highly Recommend.

Same arena system like Clash Royale, different game mechanics, and it's pretty cool, worths a try. Recommend

A very fun and addicting game. Improvements in my mind would be 2 versus 2, tournaments, replays, sharing replays, watching clan mates in their live battles, and getting to go first on occasion. With these improvements I will probably be so addicted to this game that I shouldn't have extra time to go back to those supercell games. My only complaints are losing a game and having 2 Hero's left alive and the game giving my opponent the win, -47 trophies hurts especially when I have two Heroes alive, that has only happened one time, and that led me to this review. Otherwise this is a great game thanks for making it Works perfectly

Pretty interesting concept. Fun game. Only negative is that there are only 3 orb spaces. After they are filled you either wait for it to open or play games and miss out on more orbs. Works perfectly

Game is very fun though after the most recent update I can no longer load the game. Loading bar gets stuck at 37%. I've tried reinstalling game to no avail. I've made in game purchases and now it's all gone to waste. 3 stars is being generous in light of recent events but the game is fun. Fantastic

I really enjoy this game. I would like to receive more coins when I open orbs. I need to upgrade so many people but I can't get enough coins. Please make it easier to get more coins. Perfect

Great game and addicting. Only problem i see is the orbs take to long to unlock there for you have to wait to play more games to game more orbs. Well done though Fabulous!

Awesome game! I love how you have different heros with different abilities! It's tactical and every move you make can make it or break it! Recommended for everyone! Marvelous

You need to be able to get rid of the orbs. Instead of being required to wait for em to unlock.either that or alot more space to keep them. Omg

Enjoyed the game. Very fun and im actually spending which is rare for me. I dont like the orb prices go up with each new arena. I wont be spending now im in in arena 4 those prices are just not worth it. Id also like the ability to save a few different decks. And make gold earning a bit easier its not balanced. Im in arena 4 and been saving gold for over a week not spending on anything opening orbs. And i still cant upgrade any of my cards. Tbh as much as i enjoy the game. If i cant upgrade without spendig then ill wind up uninstalling eventually Works perfectly

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