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Its sleek yet sexy.. sets it off like queen laiffa used to. I hate to wait for any of my psychiatric evaluations, just an absolute treat in every waiting room. C. Out____... Awesome

I love the game it is really fun can you add like monsters versus monsters battle. 5 star

So glad this game came to android...when I gave up my iphone...i trult missed it... Good

Easy to pick up. Love the monster designs. Difficult enough to keep it a fun challenge. Marvelous

I am looking forward to another project of this game. I am even willing to pay for the future game. Love it. I think even more mini games (like modes) can be made inside of it like: Rpg turn based battles, one on one monster battles, that the bosses have monsters too inside the districts. Great experience. Fabulous!

loooove it and i never even try to play phone games because most are boring.this game isnt. Flawless

Cool down periods way too long but I love it is addicting however i now cant log in in just loads forever since yesterday first no events for like a week now this . :( Pretty good

Awesome game and you can play free to play which is nice. Needs more instruction for new players tho took me 5 days to realize where all my rewards were beimg stored..very much fun and a great game Pretty good

This game is awesome with the unique monsters and when the building are destroyed love the explosions Recommend

Good game play and even though your monsters get stronger you dont really see it happening Works great

Can you make a update where you can battle other people monsters and if u give free stofe i can't get it it say there's a problem. Superb!

Is there a way to recover a previous account that was not linked with facebook? I would love to start llaying again but don't really want to start from scratch Must have

It's pretty awesome. Love that you have factions and the people are from all over the world. It gets more and more addicting Well done!!

Nice game love it, good job. Anyway give us free player chance to get legend monster or even mythic monster and ill give it 5 stars rate then. Thx ;) Brilliant

Amazing I used to hate it but you have made it to where the user can easily upgrade Great job

The game has issues with awarding medals after a raid, revenge or normal attacks that are non league rivals. I tested just now and after using 24 energy and a 3x victory, the medal count in both total and league competition remained the same. Im not sure if there are limit rules for medals but it needs to be fixed as Im spending resources only to be wasted. That's basically buying something and product doesn't do as advertised. Thank you. Will award a better rating if the issue above ia addressed and eventually diagnosed for bug fixing if any. Perfect

It's a good game but can u make it to where we can buy blobs even if it a high cost for the money we make on the app Flawless

As a Veteran, this game actually helps with my PTSD. I am much more relaxed. Thank you. Muito bom!

I have played your last version also I think that was good because here the photos are shown not same like in game I like the game but not this much of your last version it was good Smash camps Must have

I don't get how this game is unlocked sure the graphics are awfully but it's incredible Awesome

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