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***Update - Called support and they got it working. Still not sure what the issue was, but the support I received was professional, friendly, genuinely helpful, and fast. Based on the support, would have been five stars, but I feel like I have to take one star off for needing to contact them in the first place. ***Orig comment:This is a massive waste of money. App doesn't recognize hub. Hub doesn't recognize device. Directions reference options that don't exist in the app. wow lol

Good to see that you've worked on the tv remote but now i cant get the tv on with phone remote. Please make it the way it was. 3 days ago i could use the app to turn the tv on...then the remote dissapeared. Now remote is back but same issue ass Smart View. What is the purpose of making such an app if i still have to look for the tv remote to turn my tv on? I've gained some trust that you listen to us and fix some thank you in advance! love it

Hoping to get fully off of the Smarthings classic app. I have uninstalled it, but still seeing automatons that I removed from the app, before uninstalling. Hoeing to figure this out. Worth it!

Smart switch was easier. I work 3rd shift. So when I'm awake everyone else is asleep. Smart switch was easy for TV watching ( backstory: I watch TV in my living room at 2am. I use headphones plugged into my phone and play the TV sound through my phone) very quick to switch. Just swipe down pick your TV and listen to TV on phone. Now its clunky at best. I have to turn on smart switch every time. My phone connects then mirrors to my TV . Exit out of all of that. Then select TV through phone. 5 star

I didn't wait for the old app to tell me it was "ready" to move, so I had to remove all devices and deregister my hub, then re-add everything. I also had to disconnect and reconnect ITTT and Google Home. Once all of that is done however, I find this new app to be more user friendly and better looking than the old one. That means my wife likes it, and in the end that's what really matters... Everything that used to work still seems to work for me! Perfect

I just switched from the classic app and it does not appear to allow armed home/away or disarm on the dashboard. I need quicker access than having to go to my list of things and use a pull down menu. Quicker access to these options would warrant more starts. I think desktop shortcuts are also needed. Not bad

I knew this was not ready to have a clean migration from the old app but I decided to pull the bandaid and do it the hard way. I got every this in as smoothly as you could hope. New app is not as functional. For example, I cannot set my security monitoring based on arrival our departure. It is only based on time. Hope they catch up the features quickly or I'll roll back to the classic. The new interface has promise but there is still some development required. Just wow

I really love the idea of "this app" whatever Samsung are calling now...why keep changing the name of your services and apps Samsung? The name changing thing seems to be a very Samcentric thing! That apart, it won't allow my Samsung Galaxy S8+ to "connect" (the apps previous name) to my 2016 Samsung UHD Smart T.V, my app just won't pick up the Bluetooth from my T.V, it's so frustrating to have Two such expensive pieces of equipment from the Same company and not ages old that won't work with this app. Please sort it out Samsung!!??? Please.. Flawless

How do I migrate my smartthings without having to start from scratch? Edit* Changed rating due to swift dev response to concerns. I hope it's worth the wait Chelsea... Good

Now my samsung tv won't turn on. Before it used to turn on when switched off. Smart things made app tv remote worst. Perfect!

I don't like that there is no feature for my ADT smarthings panel/hub. I cannot remote arm/disarm. Why would you update it when there is no options for the ADT smarthings hub in the app? Won't use this app until there is support for the ADT hub, for now sticking with classic. Works perfectly

I can't update the app, it keeps saying to update but when I press "update" button it doesn't do anything at all [EDIT]: Somehow I managed to finally update this app, now it works without any notifications about update Recommend

App is terrible. Fails to connect to my vacuum constantly which makes it nearly impossible to change schedules. Omg

Update: Samsung seems to have fixed the connection issues. However, I was really hoping they'd add more programming options for my Powerbot. Ie, set up a weekly automated schedule instead of just daily or once. Back to 3 stars. It still needs a lot of refinement. Update: The March 2018 update has rendered this app useless for me. I'm unable to connect or reconnect my Powerbot since updating to "Smart Things". Pretty disappointed, Samsung. Decent app and pretty stable. Took me a while to figure out I had to disconnect my phone from my wifi to connect to a device but connection has been stable since. This app has a lot of potential, but it's functions are still pretty basic. I'm hoping for more customization and control options for my Powerbot R7070. I look forward to what it'll be capable of in the future. Flawless

Classic had way better color bulb integration. Unable to change icons in this version etc... function wise I appreciate the direction I think this is going.. just don't sell out too had to adt. Get more classic feel to individual components.. Awesome

works great for samsung 4k smart tv just wish could tranfer any apk to smart tv would include c mirroring movies can still play while in lock screen mode to those what are haveing deficultys with apk connecting to devicers unintall to factory untill apk can do what it suppossed to samsung add feature to tranfer any apk to the smart tvs what have only samsung apps or update the tv firmwares to except please stop sending feedback automated emails because i will not send no feedback to samsung to improve servicers because doesnt help consumers what have purchased samsung products Pretty good

Amazing, this app is actually pretty useful. Glad they changed the name of it finally! Highly Recommend.

I mainly use this when I loose my remote. I could imagine this being better one day but pretty good so far. Just wow

Easy to install new devices and keeps them remembered for future uses. Easy to use and easy to connect. I love it more than the way I used my Bluetooth before. Good

It doesn't work well with wemo smart plug. Smart things classic app worked perfectly. I use google home speaker and I used to turn on and off the lights easily. Now, after i updated to the new app it works only half of the times. Must have

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