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#video-downloader Amazingly Powerful Universal Address Book! Really awesome, hands down a 5 star application that collects everyone you've ever known, providing you with photos and contact information with your contacts. A MUST have app in business

Needs work! Pretty neat idea/concept. Doesn't seem like Facebook contacts are sorted very well in terms of importance. Wish it wouldn't show my Facebook acquaintances or showed my facebook groups. Also needs the ability to delete contacts altogether. Just because I get an email per day from grouping does not mean they need to be in my contact list and especially not #2 on it.

<3 this app!! I have become completely addicted to Smartr. It has saved my day so many times when finding contact data I didnt have in my address book. Much love for the Smartr team!. Recommend to take Smartr Contacts APK.

#project-management This is a magic address book! Smartr Contacts automatically found all my contacts based on my emails, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. All my contacts are ranked by importance so the most important people are at the top. If you haven't tried it, you must. I can't live without it.

Amazing App! This app is amazing at what it does. It agragates information from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Looks at your contacts then searches these social networks and appends this info to your contacts. Have an email address only? It can fill in the name and add a photo if it finds a match. The only thing it doesn't do is append this new info to your contacts. Nevertheless just imagine how you could use this. Sales tool to see and get more info on a contact. Social or dating tool?

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