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Has promise, but doesn't see custom fields The app works pretty well but it doesn't see custom fields so because of that it's useless to me maybe when I make sure is a little more I'll be back to purchase it

Great start for beta!! App has a good interface, easy to use, but missing a few modules. Crashed every time I tried to delete several records back-to-back. Looking forward to seeing what this app will become!

#live-wallpapers Nice work! Have been looking for a solution to empower my sales team. This works out of the box! Great start! Would love to see quotes,customer tickets and project task, incorporated.

Worked Instantly Not being prepared to pay £12.44 for Vtigers version, I tried a few of these apps and this is the only one where set up was simple and log in was flawless,it displays all the info I need when mobile. It syncs tasks etc added via smart phone, I tested this and the tasks appear in my hosted version with no error. for a Beta this app is on the right track, depending on the price I would be prepared to pay to get rid of Ad Version, it would also be great to access potentials / opportunities within the app. keep up the good work.

#live-wallpapers New user, so early days, but seems okay.! I am new to vTiger and thus wanted an app for the phone. Tried VTMobile, but have to set up webservices to get it working correctly. Smart Tiger works out of the box, and seems to deliver what I need for now. So happy to give 5 stars.

Nicely done..! I liked way app is developed. Can do all necessary vtiger flow. Its work with any URL.... Recommend to get Smart Tiger CRM Free Beta APK.

Good start! I understand this app is still in an early phase. The interface is already simple and nice. Better than the other vtiger apps I tried. To the developers: Could you add more modules? For example, right now I cant browse my vendors....also i cant browse opportunities...etc. Would be great you can include the other modules also.

No Data! I am using 5.2.1 and am seeing no data. prerha0s because it was only tested on 5.4.

Best App for vtiger!! This is a great app, however I need projects on main menu. Please add projects feature for your next update. Thank you so much.

Great Very nice app. Works very well with the vtiger demo. It is great because it is free. I am interested in see how this software progresses, and how much it will cost when it gets out of beta.

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