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App is eating more memory up to 45 mb on my mi 4i, but works perfect (only 3 mb) on xperia sp Please help Go well

It would really rock if you added split mode for thumb typing guys like me. It got especially imperative for me as soon as I switched from Note II to Huawei MediaPad M3 (8.4") the other day : ) Thank you for the great kb anyway guys! Been a fan since 2012-ish! Cool

Massively loving this kb for the gesture options (using it for switching languages). But now that I switched to the huge 8" Mediapad M3 I realize that this baby lacks the split option in portrait mode (tears). I hate to look for another kb as beautiful as this old buddy. wow lol


It is unbelievable great keyboard. I could customize the way I wanted. I love it so much. Awesome

The User Dictionary and words added to it are totally crazy and bad. If I type in the word Hello using T9 it will then add the word 'gdjm' to the user dictionary. Which are the letters of the keys I have pressed. It is continually doing this and then suggesting them to me as a word I may want to use the next time I type in Hello. I am then clicking on these words by mistake. Enjoy it!

I use T9 and this is the ONLY app that allows me to and is fully customizable!! *10 Awesome

The smart keyboard is very responsive.The reason that I use it is only for the 4 keys at the bottom, that moves the kerser, back and forth, up and down, without deleting, or moving text. If you would add, swiping text I would use it all the time. But 1 key pecking at a time is so slow. Also as one other person suggests numbers along the top would be helpful Thanks, you've been out done, your lack of swipe type has lost my use of your key board. Brilliant

Excellent Keyboard, but i think this team has stopped providing services to this application. No more updates. it's been the same for years now. Need to improve appearance as it is too old now. latest keyboard does not look like this. and more functions should be added. Well done!!

Definitely a very clever app particularly the translator is amazing.. I would have given it 5 stars, but no matter how much I try , I cannot get the extra skins to work ..they could make that a bit easier for us.. Marvelous

Please please please! Can we have a blue S8 style skin please! All the rest are boring! Marvelous

this app is too good. after a long time i got t9 keyboard, nice work. please dont remove t9 feature in future. Superb!

A very nice keyboard with many useful features and loads of options. The dev is supportive and resolved a problem I was having with word prediction. A quick read of the help file is worthwhile. One of the best keyboard apps available. Enjoy it!

Not bad. Not great. Email support appears to be unresponsive. Forum support is dead. Muito bom!

The "first and must be installed" app on my phone. Would be great if emoji always updated as whatsapp add some new emoji. Works perfectly

It's better than the native Samsung keyboard, but it's still not great. Where are the burrito and taco emoji?? Also, the word recommendations don't work unless you've typed the right number of letters; if you skip a letter or miss a double tap, you're hosed. It also refuses to acknowledge many words that have keys right beside each other. Who uses the word "hut" more than "but"? Nobody, that's who. But it doesn't even show up as an option. Blecht. Get better, or you'll be getting off my phone... Great!

I've been using this app for many years. The best T9 numeric pad keyboard available. After several years, this is my first time to update. To avail of the modern emoticons. But with this new feature comes a glaring flaw. Long press "enter" key, and choose an emoticon. Send your message. When you need to type again in another app, the keypad stays locked in the emoticons mode, until you manually press the mode selection button. This is very annoying. The keypad should return to default mode, whether QWERTY or T9, and not stay locked in emoticons. Similar to how number pad functions. Please correct this bug. Thank you. Suggestion for further improvement: One Hand Mode for large phones. Such as the keyboard compressed to one side. With the ability to control the degree of compression. This will greatly improve this app's usability over all other keyboard apps on any size of phone or tablet. Superb!

Can you add a "frequent use word or recent use or custom text suggestion" before typing any word or after a space. Brilliant

Great keyboard, good customization, never causes any issues. What more could you ask for. Must have

Have used it for many years, it's been near-perfect, but it just can't compete in speed (and ease) of input with the sliding ones, so I've been using Gboard instead. I am still missing this app -- if only you guys would add the gliding/sliding input ability, I'd switch back to it in a heartbeat! Pleeeease?! (Yeah I realize it would disable your "gestures" functionality, but it would be definitely worth it) Flawless

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