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Most comprehensible & thorough decoding I have ever saw. I can now read full configuration & xml files. Flawless

Super app for file management I was searching for looong time Last found it Happy sharing love it

Brilliant. Allows me to quickly do what others cannot. I am also able to use this on an Android computer to manage visible and hidden files. Muito bom!

The lay out of files,classification and accessibility is conducive for more advanced working interface l love it and hope the application will collaborate with other settings for a higher performance level. wow lol

I'm using a Samsung J7 Prime and.. every time I try to open my SD Card using this app. It gives me a "File does not exist" error. When I manually direct myself to it and try to make a new folder, it gives me a "Could not create folder". The default app manager for my phone works fine though. Amazing!

revision on GTV Clean, tidy and effective tool. Other file managers lack some of these attributes Surprisingly

Great app It does what it claims... Send to option in folder files doesn't work but not a deal breaker Amazing!

Great File Manager This is the best file manager that I have yet found for Android! Well worth a try. Perfect

Excellent App, got an nvidia shield tablet, the micro sd card is formatted in a way that it is not readable outside of the tablet and so can not copy files via a sd card read. when connected via usb, nothing is visible I can transfer files across from the pc to the tablet with airdroid, but needed something easy to use All I need to do is to enter the transfer directory, click a tick in the box on the right and then find the location I want and paste into that folder, so will have movies, music etc all in different folders :) Good

light weight, clean & almost complete. but not possible to paste on other cards (disc) except same. not working on all deletion. Superb!

Just works It's simple and effective. I'd even say it was intuitive as I rarely use it but find it easy to use when I do. Pretty good

It has potential Love the way it let's me get to my files that my phone won't let me this is a galaxy s7 Awesome

Widget size Please make 2 version of widget, I prefer to use size 2x1 than 2x2 for widget... Brilliant

Simple and useful Simple file management makes finding and organizing files on a device more like how you would do it on a PC.

Q: There is a notification "go to the*app setting > status bar todisable shortcuts" how can i remove this ??

Wow like it one loose other Good news everyone ... New look seem easy to manage by big hand (t)... But not for select it one by one still too small , smal err reading 16Gb 8Gb 2Gb(Sys Info)... Couldn't copy to internal phone mem ...

Really good I was really upset bcz I cant search my some folders but now I m fealing good with this app

Good app which can select multiple files comfortably. I like this app because I can select multiple files together. However, I should be very happy if I can select all the files in the open folder instead of selecting only the files which are display on the page. Because I had to scroll down and select again and again each page until I can select all the files in that open folder. Flawless

Smart File Manager The overall scheme looks very good, but it seems there is at least one major bug to re-wire. i.e., you hit "paste here" and it returns " COPY completed " - but hasn't actually pasted what it had, supposedly, on the "clipboard" !!! Superb!

Hands Down A Life Saver After 2 hours of research finally came across this app. It is now by best friend!!!! Perfect

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