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It can help my phone a lot plus I didn't even know that my phone was that high of a temperature Must have

Nice cooling app that show pretty accurate temperature. Cools down the phone as well. Must have

A concise cooling app that is compatible with older smart phones! My only minor complaint is no option to change to Fahrenheit. wow lol

Good overall app, one suggestion: it needs to go ahead and trigger the CPU fan whether you're using an app or not. Worth a go!

Looks like and feels like its doing its job as its said which is doing good so far. Worth it!

It is great! If my phone gets to hot, fyoo, right to the app to press cool! Not bad

Seems to work so far I would recommend it I can actually feel my pH cooling down awesome. Recommend

ازروزی که من نصبش کردم کولرگازیخونه راهم خاموش کردیم چون همه خونه راهم باخنکیش پوشش Great job

This is my first time trying it and its works for me .because my my phone was getting so hot Flawless

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