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This Is help us to get the phone cool so I liked it you can also download it and use for long life Great!

I know about that but every time my Android phone not to cool it's seems hotty.. These app may be able to to best results for cool down cell Works great

I actually don't understand sometime it work and sometine it does not work ,so can help me please... Recommend

Nice app cool down the C.P.U. as told and must for redmi note 4. Great work by developer. Perfect

Its really helpful using this app my ph is not heating up n Battery is also staying long. Thanks for the nice app GOOD EFFORT. GREAT JOB. Works perfectly

It's good app for phone that freeze it help cool it down love ❤ the app. It me Jagaban Worth a go!

I saw this app on Instagram & it looks pretty cool & I said to myself I'm gonna try it & see what it's like Well done!!

Very bad app I saw it is good app I give 5 out of five star my phone is vivo y53 is very hot temp 39 it do not do solve please don't download this app Cool

تشکر از تلاش برای بروز بودن شما! تنها اشکال این اپ زمان کوتاه خنک کردن (سی پی یو و....) که باید بارها تکرار بشه !!! Awesome

In my mobile only 61MB remains but after installing this app no problem with the memory Must have

I'll think about it if I giving you a star,..but let me do this to use it,before you got my 5star Perfect!

I have moto g3 turbo and it heat alot when I download the app and use it my phone cool down.I rate it 5 Star Highly Recommend.


I can't understand what's cooling it down but still the temp is at 42°C!!!! Can u please help me with it Surprisingly

Wow how great !my phone was so hot but with this app my phone become cool amazing Superb!

Omg this app is really good it makes my phone easy even I didn't know that my phone was high temperature Flawless

Omg it works i have a LG 4 and it overheats alot and i saw this app on facebook so i downloaded it so im iving it 5 out of 5 because it works Worth it!

Bahut hi achchca h ye app mera Nokia 3 phone bahut hi garm ho rha tha ye app use normal kr detaa h it's really amazing super app love it

I think it's really useful and I really love it I mean if it's hot it actually cool down thats so awesome. Flawless

Its cool it's smart detecting what is the problem and it can cool down the stuff that is in the way of it Surprisingly

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