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5star ako dito .. dahil nung idownload ko to then medjo mahirap malowbat ung cp ko na note 4 ngaun .. at medjo effective namn ung cooler nya .. thanks Works perfectly

It's okay for a cooler app but there are few things that aren't really good like it only cools down and not antivirus it should have that and othere stuff in one app.... Amazing!

This app is great. If your cpu is really hot like mine i totally recomend this app.Mi cpu was overheated and this app cooled it in 1-2 min. Worth a go!

I love it every time my phone is hot and about to shut down it cools my phone or when theres a problème it fixes it si this app helps me a lot Flawless

It's good app for my phone as it clars cache and cool my phone. I can suggest it for you Well done!!

Works good think yall it was on an ad on Instagram so I gave it a try and I really like it Great!

Good but still it needs to be done in a more better way not satisfied with your app try to get a Best app which all of the people must get installed instead of the one you have gave us Hope U R understanding what I mean 2 say ALL The BEST...!! Worth a go!

Its a good app Worth a go!

I dont know what to say, but i'm telling you this. This application is Super duper COOL Recommend

Chi app chinosenza manje ichi kune vane ma4ne anodya moto ega nekudziya muviri shandisa chi app chinochi you will neva go wrong Amazing!

I really like this one its the best app for cooling I tried so far I recommend it Marvelous

Wala na akong masasabi pa.. Ang ganda.. Nung gumamit na ako pag pindot ko na biglang nag soft at hindi na nag hang yung cellphone napabelievw ako nito.. Its very inspire me. Thank you for your suggestion (instagram) and super thank you to this app love it.. Just wow

This app made my phone cooler than ever! Its a very good app, but I don't actually get the "faster performance of apps" that everyone says. Can you explain it to me? Thanks! ☺ Fantastic

I literally just downloaded it snd I already see the difference it's kinda confusing but I LOVE IT my phone used to be so hot I couldn't even use it!!5 stars!☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Awesome

Binibigyan ko to ng 5stars kasi ang lupit ng graphics, malakas yung pag ayos nya ng mga di kanais nais na app. Napaka husay ng bars nito! Mabuhay! Hahaha. You should install this or not you will regret it. Thankyou sa IG kasi nakita ko'to! Well done!!

I have z3 it has a heating problem And this app was solved this heating problem in 10 second love it

એ ભાઈ આ તો જોરદાર છે હો વેલેરા નાખી લ્યો Perfect

I really do like this app a lot I just rated it I gave it 5 stars it's one of the best cooling apps that I found yet . If you can find a way to remove the ads it would be just perfect if you want to charge for the ads I'm willing to pay for it Marvelous

Why u all stupid no fingerprint application will work you idiot It only work when it comes with phone i will give it 5 stars bcz it maked u idiot download it Amazing!

Im Just Helping Cool Down Your Phone Then Shut It Down For Some Hours Or Minutes Then Done Flawless

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