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It's really working !!! Fabulous!

سلام. من این برنامه را خیلی زیاد دوست دارم. واقعا بکار میآید. آقا. خانم, دانلودش وکن وحالشو وبببببر.ب Surprisingly

I used this app for more than a year and it helps to cool down my phone but 3 months ago I uninstalled it because there are lot of suggested app that pop up in my phone everytime I cool down my phone but in less than a month my phone overheat and not able to charge again. I suggest to use this app especially when you are using J7. Go well

It works well!! I love it! But one problem is that theres to many adds but i rate it still 5 ⭐ Perfect

I used this app for a while,and I wanted to delete it, but yesterdey I saw that it really works well,my phone was hot abnormally and it cooled surprisingly here is my 5 stars :-) Fantastic

Battery အတြက္အေတာ္ ေကာင္းပါတယ္ cleaner တစ္ခုလည္းျဖစ္ပါတယ္ Superb!

This free app does the job in the same way as cooling something else down I really love this app Works perfectly

Sounds gd & think this is what I have bn looking for & needing, cheers. Be back to update ratings Awesome

Cool... My k7 as been acting funny since I got t but ts way more cooler with this app u guys should try t out Must have

I'm just going to put 4 stars because I don't know yet I I think it's good? sweet wow lol

It help cool down my phone and I think it was cool that it actually cooled down my phone Perfect!

When I have only just downloaded it.....I mean really how am I supposed to know if it's good or not until I have used it a couple's irritating because as soon as I open the app it wants me to rate.... very annoying! Great job

هنوز استفاده نکردم گوشی من J7 prime و هر نرم افزاری باهاش سازگار نیست استفاده کردم میگم خوب بود یا نبود مرسی 5 star

omg i thought it was some kind of lie. It really cools my phone from 50 to 34 in 1 minute! And it also reduces lagg to 0% Great job

Really good and useful app. Its also very easy to use. Perfect for when I'm not home and constantly have to take notes and when my tablet gets really hot. Good app I recommend to all. Perfect

Fast, easy and it works automatically to keep my phone cooler. I have not had any hot temperatures in my phone, since I installed it. Pretty good

It seems to work and it let's me know when I should get off my phone. But one problem. TOO MANY ADS!!! Muito bom!

Uhmm it's really nice. It's working on my phone and the other apps on my cp that are slow when I open it, makes this app faster. So download it. Go well

Its a very very useful app you will not regret it because before i install this app my keyboard was slow i can't write on the keyboard because it is not good but now every thing is good i can't use my keyboard Perfect

very thank သုံးလို႔ အဆင္ေျပတဲ႔ အတြက္ ေက်းဇူးတင္ပါတယ္ Works great

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