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It's a great application and it really helped my phone to cool down whenever it became hot Must have

باسلام ممنون از زحمات شما ممنونم دستتون درد نکنه Works perfectly

It's amazing. I liked it very much. It's very convenient and easy to used compared to other CPU temp.controller. It's very great for me. Must have

I think that it's a bit strange that there is this thing called my keyboard connected to it. It says that it can connect personal data and passwords and credit card details Just wow

Ok..this app is good however it has too many ads in it which become annoying already Perfect!

This is the first time I'm using it. Let's hope, and I will tell my feedback at a later date . Worth a go!

I love the fat that it stop my phone from get so hot and short dawn by it self all d time Flawless

Really helps the phone my brother uninstall it and phone started to act up again but I reinstalled it now it's back to normal and better than ever love it

This app is very easy to use and it works very well in my phone I love this app download it today and enjoy it Great job

Good job but way too many adds and that screensaver I have closed it 4 times and it still pops....sorry but uninstal Recommend

It's a good and very useful application, but it should be better if the refreshing or cooling down option was automatic. Thank you! Pretty good

It's indeed an awesome app but what I was hoping for was an automatic automatic cooling for heating apps wow lol

So far, so good. I like it, and it works very quickly and efficiently. Thank you huys, for a job well done!. Fabulous!

Its very nice and easy to access. I love it. But please you guys should try and reduce the ada Omg

Seems to be working oķ. Shall gve it a month to test it if no god off it comes. Amazing!

Its great cause my battery was damaged and I could only use it for 30 min and now I could use it for 1h & 30min wow lol

Great but could u stop giving me messages instead if u know that my phone is heating up just cool it down instead of telling me Muito bom!

I'm hoping it's working because my phone is pretty warm. 1st time so we will see Fabulous!

It really makes my phone much more faster and smoother. Thank you for creating this app Flawless

It's somehow good but seeing,i just downloaded it so may be will see more things afterwards Brilliant

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