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This app is the best I hope you guys also like it I hope this app says on my phone but never did make my phone stay at 100% for 9 hours I love it I love it I love it I love it I hope you guys love it too so next time you got to see this app download it please I'm asking you and just because it has an e on it doesn't mean my name is Eric my name is Ta'cya make sure you guys like this you love you do all the stars for this game I love it so much I just I love it hope you guys liked it by Good

Its really a nice app & it really deserves a five Star, you also add some cool features to make it attractive. I give it 5 ***** Fantastic

I'm, indeed, impressed by the smartness & fanciful manger of the operation thereof. In fact, I'm very grateful for the service efficiency & promptness. It's highly recommended. Congratulations! Shalom! Worth it!

the application is very very good to use I've used it it could my phone you make my point of fashion will thanks a lot Amazing!

Just downloaded the app and I'm hoping that I don't have any other problems. Just got the phone and it's getting hot way too much.... Enjoy it!

This app is amazing, my cellphone used to be hot when loging in on Facebook but now since I've installed this app it fine Good

Try this app. Its really good to my phone. Tnx for creating this app. I loved it! Brilliant

សូមបកប្រែរជាភាសារខ្មែរផងរាលភាសារបរទេស Marvelous

Yea... usefull apps... it can be reminder if smartphone so hot with more apps multitasking... thanks Worth a go!

I think that it is a very important app to have for m phone. Thank you very much for this app. Recommend

Smart Cooler - Phone Cooler & CPU Temp Controller is the best App to have on the Phone and it cools the Phone down very very very good thank you . Superb!

I just bought a Samsung J7 Pro n its A OK wen every time I optimize my phone everything runs sao smoothly wow lol

now my phone is functioning normal,smart cooler make u better me love it√√√ Recommend

It's ok but it has too many ads popping up. I would give it a +5 stars if no ads appearing. By the way great app it cools down my phone instantly. Works perfectly

برنامه خوبیه،توصیه میکنم حتما دانلود کنید Marvelous

It really does what it says. Plus it has also improved on how long my battery lasts after charging. Good app to have. Recommend

Before I had this app my phone use to get hot like really hot....since I download this app omg my phone is ice cool....but it have too many advertisements. Works great

Though I have rated it 4 stars, I haven't even seen how it works. This is the first time I am opening it. You should have given me time to see how it works before asking me to rate it the very first time I use it. love it

Thanks It's very good to have this wonderful website in our phone, I wish we the user can have more to come as soon as possible. Great!

Oh mah god I looooooooooooooooove it Muito bom!

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