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Hi All, I really like this app. It makes my life easier, not having to switch on silent, change bluetooth and wireless settings etc etc. Its also great for the gym using Smart Tags etc. I have 2 things though... 1, When I connect my bluetooth headset (which I have set to automatically play music), sometimes the music starts playing before the headset takes over audio playback. This means that my phone starts playing music (generally quite loud) before the connection kicks in and the music output is transferred to my headphones. It can be quote awkward on the bus! Is there any way I can stop this? 2, Also, I would definitely benefit from having a 'location' option in these profiles. I have a magnetic charging dock for my phone at both my office, and my bed-side. Both docks are identified as the same item. Therefore, the same actions will occur in both places. It would be useful to have two different actions (silent at work, and activate alarm etc at bed-side) based on the location when i put it in the dock. I hope this is a feature coming soon to the Smart Connect app. Well done!!

It was working perfectly fine. Recently this app recognises my earphone (Xperia X) and opens the music app but, the song track is not playing automatically as before. Resolve this bug asap Fabulous!

would give it 5 stars if it - in "events" - had option for: AUTOMATICALLY connect to preferred bluetooth device... i mean, seriously.... no one has thought of this before? Its annoying to manually select Bluetooth speaker each night for my alarm. Awesome

You need to put complete notification access to the app so that it doesn't close automatically when the ram is cleared!! Pls do that and I guarantee a 5 star. (My phone is lenovo a 6000plus) Pretty good

Everything is working good except no option to insert delay to perform task. It will be good to have the option. Marvelous

Volume control doesn't work. I connect to my car stereo via Bluetooth and trigger the action to maximize the media volume, but the Bluetooth media volume doesn't change. Enjoy it!

After Re installation found under events at- Start action - wireless and networks -mobile data on / off is -missing only WiFi and Bluetooth are shown which was earlier available as it used to help a lot in data saving of mobile network by scheduling mobile data on off as per requirement please restore this action thanks Perfect!

Works flawlessly on Z3 Compact. But there's an issue on X Compact - I can't make it enable or disable WiFi tethering. This is the main use case for me thus totally pointless now. Works perfectly

Good task scheduler! Would be better if there were more fined-tuned controls, like turning GPS into battery saving mode or turning on airplane mode. Awesome

Really convenient application if you have many profiles in a set routine, I started using it with my Sony Z3, but I continued using it on my other phones, really good app Marvelous

Love the app but why is it no longer a standard feature?? Will we be buying Sony's apps soon, because one of the things i love about the brand is, most of the factory apps are amazingly useful and a standard feature Pretty good

I'm using Xperia XZP/Android 7 - I can't setup 3-4G data On/Off auto on Night Mode. Pls fix it. Fabulous!

Well for starters I'm just going to go ahead and say that this app is great, but there is always room for improvememt. I'm not complaining but I think that adding a connected/disconnected to wifi argument would be great. Not bad

Icon of SBH80, are present in notifications if I disconnect it and even if I removed it from Smart Connect. Headphones MDR-1000X still are absent. Must have

I simply love this app i changed to LG but I was so glad i was able to download it Great job

Please allow the basic option of removing devices from the list... UPDATE: +1 star (to 5) for implementing this :-) Thanks!!! Well done!!

Ever since phone updated it stays on silent even after the event time ends. It also sometimes does not start the event in time unless I am using my phone. Works perfectly

This app is a godsend, just step into and start up my car and the music plays. No more pulling phone out of pocket. used to come standard with Sony phones but thankfully still available for download. Thanks Sony! Surprisingly

A lot of people are frustrated with the app not working. This is caused by the app goes dormant after a few weeks of not being opened. The simple fix is to open the app and close it again, this helps your device reinitiate operation. Must have

The smart watch 2 is a piece of crap!! Don't claim that it is compatible with android devices until you know it for sure!! Fantastic

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