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I like the way it switches to different drills and keeps you guessing only thing would to make them vary with difficulty aswell because they are relatively easy. Great!

Only just installed it. Everything seems easy enough. Need more time to test it out. Fantastic

Challenging, but not so much that I feel like an idiot. Definitely exercises the brain. Works perfectly

It is fun and attention focusing, it's just got a bit of limited activities with lots of repetition so I get bored a bit, sorry. Fantastic

This game has been extremely helpful for myself and rehabilitating after having a TBI thank you wow lol

So far so good. Asked for review rsther quickly. Levels get harder at a nice pace. I'm enjoying. Cool

The is addicting after you start playing and when you get 1 star you wanna try again Omg

Really nice smart games to exercise your mind. Fun and simply chic games Not bad

10 love it

Fun brain training games to help kill time. Good variety of games to keep things interesting. Very fun Great job

This really makes me stop and think it is great for passing time and it is a fun challenge for your brain Brilliant

Challenging and keeps your attention. It is unfortunate that it is only free for 24 hours. The first 300 blue levels should be included in the free subscription. Superb!

The game asked me for a review after 4 minutes of game play. So far it seems like a fun game, but I would rather be asked to review a game after I have had enough time for an opinion. Great job

I've just started playing but I really like it. This game really works your mind and my children love this game. Perfect!

I wouldn't consider this to be super relaxing, but it's definitely challenging and interesting! Flawless

I really like this game because there is different kinds of game and it's not to easy are hard Worth it!

It's fun at first but then... it gets obcenly difficult it wants you to be perfect do it flawlessly and with particular speed. Is this supposed to train your brain or cookie-cutter abuse it by making you do the same couple levels over and over until you meet its standards? The games are gun and do train your brain but getting to other games is just to hard. Muito bom!

The game is tough but unlike most brain teasers it's not mostly impossible. Really enjoy it Not bad

Fantastic game and very addictive. This is the best brain game I have come across so far. 5 star

Fun and challenging, recommend for kids' brain training or perfect for killing times. Surprisingly

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