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Love it is so cool I downloaded it for my niece and suddenly I started playing it Enjoy it!

Its ok I guess we'll it's a fun games do the listen to everybody else do what u want Works great

Just no No no no this game is a little bit I mean A LOT boring it just it freazes ......... So boring !!!!!!!!! I would get this boring game just no!!!!!!! Cool

Loved it but... I downloaded this for my 6 year old daughter and I ended up playing it too. It was really fun but it kept crashing. It kept knocking us off and saying "unfortunately the game has stopped". It did this over and over again. If this issue gets fixed then I'll rate it 5 stars. Thanks -Amanda Omg

You should have it be like wear people can swim in the water with the boy or friend's and make them eat or drink and drive to places . Fabulous!

It's ok Barbie is so famouse in the world all the girls are like barbie but the other is not why? Jwk pag my time! Perfect!

Great game! It's great the graphics the makeup you can do lots except when I do the spa part the shower freezes and it's difficult to work with Enjoy it!

Best game I think it's awesome and you should try it and if it is bad I will dislike it but I don't like the adds that keeps popping up every time you keep on going so maybe I'll like it maybe I'll won't Awesome

Storage! It takes up 34MB than a normal game will be around 24MB I think it has too much updates and things on it. Also it crashes alot Pretty good

It is awesome. I love slumber party's. This game would be perfect to play at one. I like it when the girl you dress up says girls time do you have any gossip to share. Highly Recommend.

Loved it☺ Awesome game for girls. I like it it's cool. And i alwayd have sleepovers on sunday and saturday. It's anawesome game wish that it is always sunday or saturday. Thanks for making this game☺ Flawless

So good This game reminds me of how I put on makeup on my mom's face when we be up all night putting makeup on Marvelous

Coincidence I actually had a slumper party when my best friend recommended this game. This game is aweesome Fantastic

Awsome It is so fun to play with and there are such cute clothes and accessories too!!!!!! Cool

Nice game It is a good game but it could be be in proved like adding more backgrounds and more makeup and clothes. Omg

Ok Its not bad I just a little boring u should put like girls are actually having a slumber party :{ Flawless

This game a so fun I like this game so muck and will be so happy to play this game I hope that this is going to the so much fun and if this do be bored I will dislike this game and I will change my rate for the star and it will go lower them it was before and if this game is fun I will write something different and better then this one Muito bom!

Game really needs fixing I like this game a lot but there is a slight problem with this game you see whenever the game is loading it always comes up with an add suggesting that I should download different games and it's really annoying and it really needs to stop and if it does stop I will write another rating with five stars and better writing sorry it's not a good rating but if you fix this game it will be amazing and so will this game (slumber party - girls salon) hope the game gets fixed and if it doesn't then I will delete your game and give it an even worse rating than this and I will be writing my next rating in two and a half months so fix it by then thank you if you actually do it so please do it because I love this game and I don't want to have to delete it because of some stupid add so do us a favour and fix this game so that I can enjoy it without any problems Not bad

Bad fix it This game is good but the thing is there are too many adds coming and when the makeup thing comes it just does not work the dresses and the salon part is really good but do something about the makeup wow lol

Slumbet party girls salon Its really good i really like it thats y i rated 5 stars but when u click on a different place it changes there clothes that u put them in so i think u may need to adjust that just a little Muito bom!

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