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It's an ok game not quite as good as some of the other ones. And is a bit slow at times and the payouts could be better. Would probably play it a lot more if it was improved. Good

I had a game on my old machine with over 100,000 points. I had to get a new machine which I'm playing on it now. I would appreciate it I can get those points back on my new machine which I'm playing on it now. Because my old machine broke down. Thank-you for cooperation with this matter. Joseph Willis Skinner Recommend

Great Game The only thing I dont like is it takes forever to load... Since the update it takes along time to load...Otherwise its a Awesome Game Once It Loads. Amazing!

Good slot game I tried another slot game, I like this one way better. The payouts are a lot better and it's easier to unlock the different machines compared to the one I played before this one Worth a go!

Its my favorite google play game!! The jackpot wins are frequent. I am totally addicted! Good, clean fun for hours!!! :-D Fantastic

I liked the old version of the Christmas slot game better. This morning I paid for slot money and did not receive it. The first time this happened but now Leary about buying more. But I love this game and even with the disappointing updated version I cant find any slots that give me more enjoyment. Amazing!

Could be better! I really like this game, however...payout is awful! I have gotten wins of under $ winning is pretty much a joke...hard to get anything going...would rate higher if that would change a little bit at least! Superb!

I think the graphics are the best anywhere, even better than some in casinos. You can stop your reels. The variety is phenomenal. I've played a lot of slot games and this one is by far the best anywhere. Pretty good

Sadi Love the game! Just wish it wouldn't take so long to get bonus $. On a serious note, I think I would actually spend real $ if it wasn't such an expensive number for so little $. Overall kudos. Recommend

Fun Just not enough payouts but I do like the games and my suggestion would be shorter times in between free bonus. Overall - Enjoy it!

I have been playing for a while now. Not very good payouts. I wish I could get a progressive jackpot, but I do very much enjoy playing the game. Also wish could get more than $300 every 4 hours. Doesn't last very long, even when betting the lowest. Should get more money every time you level up. Must have

Its cool Its a really fjn game, but really pointless. I only downloaded because in a different game I would get mony if I downloaded it. Other than pointlessness, its fun. You just keep hitting spin, and you don't spend actual money. Fun game, love the little mini games. Hope you have fun with it. Worth it!

Wins 90% of the winds are WAY less than your bet if you get any weeks at all. It's too hard to get big wins. And if you're betting 125/spin then 150$ win doesn't really count as a big win. At all. Cool

So far so good. Enjoy playing can play with the money you collect each day quite happily without ploughing real money in. Free spins and bonuses great help. Play in the cat room have won progressive jackpot several times. Fun. wow lol

I have been playing this game 4 a month now. All of the sudden I can't get on the game 2 get my coins. It just says loading and loading. Hopefully it works soon or I will have 2 uninstall it love it

I've played this app for some months now, and am up to 5.2 million. There are 4 phases this game goes thru - buzzing, quiet, bonus rounds, and free spins. You get jackpots usually during the buzzing phase. But I rarely play it anymore - why..? I dont need the worthless bonus rounds anymore, and they are constantly stopping the gd game. Very annoying. -BUT!! this is a rare ON-LINE game where you compete with other players, which gives it an urgency totally missing in those unbearably boring off-line games. Recommend

Fun, but takes too long to get coins!!!! High Roller club mimimum is ridiculous in respect to how slow you can gain more coins Amazing!

Best Slot Games Ever I hang out so I can clam my credits to play. You gotta try it! Highly Recommend.

Slots I won five free spins in the treasure box but they didn't ever load. This has been happening a lot, I pick something then an advertisement pops up and I lose what I picked. Please fix this. Getting a little upset as this is the only real game I don't get tired of. Marvelous

I LOVE this game but takes a LOT of CPU I enjoy this slot and play it many times a day but it really bogs down the CPU after maybe only 5 minutes of play. I don't think there's any fix on their side but still...would like to play longer than 5 minutes at a time. Works great

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