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Right hand controller fixed mode is not working at updated version (version 1.21) please solve it. love it

Right hand controller is not working at updated version (version 1.21) please solve it. Must have

It is fun it is fun but it is ridiculous at the same time because it DC superheroes and Marvel superheroes like I'm a girl so get your facts straight Amazing!

Everything is looks good but Msports tournament isn't showing up its not linked to Msports please fix it Surprisingly

So fun if you know how to play.. gotta be aggressive to get that length awesome game Brilliant

This game is awesome I love it because you can have a mask like Pikachu and Mario it's awesome! <^_^> Good

I am going through a few DAYS AGO AND I'm not Going Muito bom!

It's really glitchy and I would recommend it to a friend. Lots of ads. Besides that it's a glitchy version of Flawless

I've been playing this game ever since it came out, I al ways like the concept and the strategies Worth a go!

Bitxh Even it does not work to me pls improve your game for others and can work for my phone wow lol

Its a awesome game it does have some issues the graphics need to be fixed so do controls just need to be more accurate shoutout to the creators this is a good game well done! Muito bom!

Great game,but I give u 4 stars due to slow movement, but other than that i love this game, and i love the masks(Spider-Man)Plz keep on improving this game. Surprisingly

I like the idea of the game and the other thing is the controls are hard so I give it a 3 star rating Pretty good

I all loved it the only problem is very laggy and wow its same to and its cool Just fix the lag k Must have

I loved it i liked the controls and the different faces I loved the game you haved made good game Amazing!

It is a good game but it is sometimes a little bit anoying when you have bumped into a nother Works perfectly

it's a great game but it's really laggy and shows way to many ads when you're trying to click something else and then it goes to its website. I liked an end disliked the game. The quality wasn't the best. But loved the music Fabulous!

The game has nice concept but it lags a bit. The snake speed should be a bit more. Overall, a nice game. Go well

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