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Absolutely Addictive I just downloaded it today and I haven't been able to stay off of it. It is by far one of my favorite games to play Worth a go!

When I get to level 12 it won't let me play on also it won't let me play on Facebook Marvelous

Fun game: however no directions or explanations on how to retrieve or send limited gifts! I also did not want to play this game on-line (especially with the money grubbing FB!) I never got compensated for lost revenue! Also friends rarely gift in this game: party due to the lousy directions, and partly because of the lack of desire to see others thrive! I believe lack of directions is most likely the reason: I didn't understand it initially; and I only have received gifts from 2 people x2! Fabulous!

I love this game and now I have the first ten levels with 3 stars each but I'm not sure how to unlock the next levels. Worth it!

Fun game: however no directions or explanations on how to retrieve or send limited gifts! I also did not want to play this game on-line (especially with the money grubbing FB!) I never got compensated for lost revenue! Go well

I'm having issues with the daily quests, once you fulfill the requested task it's not being taken into consideration by the game...if you're asked to get a triple slingo, once you get it the game won't register it, the same goes to full cards, double slingos, etc. Please fix this, I love the game, but this makes me to not do the effort to go for the prize. Great!

Why sometimes after i run of spins i get to watch a video to have free spin and sometimes not although thr data is always on , also i can scratch the daily bouns and somtimes it does not work???! Enjoy it!

Deleting soon Hate that you need slingos to go through a gate been stuck at gate 2 after level 25 for 2 days now and I'm about to give up hope and delete Must have

I love this game every day can't wait to play it over and over this game is addictive so much fun!! Thanks Team Slingo!!! Enjoy it!

Love slingo, hate the ads. There is a ridiculous amount of ads for this. Way more than are needed. I am uninstalling it for the over abundance of ads Works perfectly

It's a good game, as your against time and you get bingo, and like slots all in one, but i like that you have to find all the numbers, as it keeps the brain working all the time Perfect!

Game is ok, no consistency with levels though. I can't get past 1 ringo on level 7 yet managed 3 on most. Once you get to the gate though, it's near on impossible to clear levels. Going to uninstall as it's lost its appeal, it's too difficult unless you buy (as in real cash!) power ups. Worth it!

Really like this game. What I don't like is the random ads that pop up. Uninstalled Perfect

I bought spinners so I could get boosts. The game froze r times taking my boost and lives just as I was going to pass the level... wow lol

Fun game but the amount of Ad's ruins it. Update: they have an offer for $2.00 for a year of no Ad's and it's amazing. I wish all the Slingo games had this Marvelous

I hate the new upgrade I don't see the point in winning coins if you can't buy anything with them. I can't get the gifts because I play on the my Android phone Amazing!

Pretty awesome Slingo game, I would say it's about ten million times better than Slingo Arcade. The only part of the game is the Devil's Coin an Pick-A-ShellE bonus games. Also enjoy the fact that you can play if you're offline. I know it's impossible but I believe every game should have that capability. Worth a go!

Would have given 5 stars but I have an on going problem.. when starting game it keeps telling me that I must be on line to play game when I am on line! It will not load and let me play. This is driving me crazy, please fix this!! Muito bom!

Like the game but the ADS kill it. Everytime one pops up, it messes with the audio settings and makes everything 3x louder during it. Hassle when youre playing with headphones in. Works perfectly

Good game. Agree with several other reviews. Fun. Challenging. HOWEVER Too many confusing items. You earn all kinds of coins that seem to have no purpose other than bypassing the wager of a "Devil's Game" Numbers on the board change from time to time, when matched with the spinner, which is very discouraging. (And no, the 'devil/fire character is NOT there to do it) Speaking of which, can you defeat the 'Fire Character' with a power up or something? While I enjoy the graphics and game, the issues I've found are such that I am too dissatisfied that I'll be uninstalling. Awesome

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