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Great app. Been using it for years. doesn't use a bunch of data or battery and get way more than $10 a year. you people need to learn how to use you phones or get an iPhone androids are not for the weak minded $$$ Works perfectly

Pro Tip: You get $10 per year on average. Also, having a custom picture as your background would be a cool feature. Just wow

This app used to be awesome. Now it kills my battery and uses tons of data (7 to 8 GB per month). It also doesn't payout as much as it used to. I used to get about 10,000 carats every 3 months, now I'm lucky if I get that in 5 months. I'm trying to decide if I should uninstall it..... Perfect!

I have installed numerous apps that claim to give you passive income and this is the only one I have stuck with. I've had it for about 2 years. The ads are easy to swipe past and sometimes I click thru to see the content that is interesting. I do the scratch offs twice a day and have never won the jackpot so idk if it can be won. Nevertheless, I can pick up about $5 every two months or so for doing pretty much nothing. Payouts are super fast. I pick PayPal and have it within ten minutes. Omg

It's just free money, what else is there to say lol? However a question for the developers, you have Xbox gift cards as a redeemable but not PlayStation ones. Is there a reason for that, and if not will PlayStation cards be added in at some time? Must have

This app is a great idea and all I personally love it but it takes a bit to long just to earn a dollar would be great to see some kind of rise in the rate of currence to earn just a little bit faster thanks slidejoy! wow lol

I love that this app allows me to make money but I fimd the way they divy up the redeemable credits odd. Before my March date even arrived, credits were already being assigned the April. Recommend

I have been a slideshow user for several years now and I earned allot more money before the point system changed. At this point not sure if it's worth the space in my phone Great!

The app will pay you as they claim but it will take awhile to accumulate a couple of bucks usually 2 months. However I have been doing the scratch cards (even if it's not a winner you still get 1 carro for it but I'm not always getting my credit wow lol

They changed their algorithm and partnerships, so the reason I stayed is no longer here. What happened to the PlayStation Gift Card redeem option? Worth it!

I actually finally transferred $2.00 into my PayPal account so it does really pay. If your looking for a fast earning app this isn't it but it does really pay and there are scratch tickets that you can do to try to win extra carats which is really nice. Plus I like the weather right there. All in all I like this app. Highly Recommend.

How can you not love it!!! You sit back and earn rewards or cash for unlocking your phone! Fabulous!

Great app to make a little bit of extra money. It doesn't make much, but if you do the offers, specifically ones that require an in-app purchase, are very helpful. I've paired this app with Google Opinion Rewards to maximize profit with those kinds of offers. So far, I've made 15$USD, with about 7$ coming from those types of offers. Overall, it's a great app, though, here in Canada, choices of cashing out are somewhat limited, to PayPal, Starbucks, and a couple other things. Great job

I love this app. It does pay out. But it does take time to gather points to pay out. So you gather points and the points don't become available until a certain date of the month. So say you gathered 300 points in April, they won't become available until May. I like this idea. So you're just gathering points every-day for opening your phone up. It's simple. Fantastic

This app is definitely legit, I had posted before and came back to edit my post since I have used this app for a week now and works exactly as promised. Everyday I gain a little bit more change in my account for doing nothing except swiping left or right on ads. Thanks Slidejoy! Muito bom!

I love the app. But since the last update the app crashes every time I try to open it. Edit: Working perfectly fine now. Back to getting points and always withdraw very happy about this. 5 star

I think it's really dumb that even though it's the 7th of a month it already starts adding carats to the next month's total meaning even though my carats aren't available until the 18th I can't earn anymore for the month! Why not let me keep earning for the month until the 18th and then start over for the next month, it's very frustrating when I could have enough to earn something but have to wait a whole extra month! Fabulous!

This app has went down hill from when i 1st installed it i actually deleted it not worth $5 every 3 months Brilliant

I just cashed out for $10 PayPal. I received it in less than 30 minutes. I love this app! This is legit, download it now. Thank you Slidejoy! Highly Recommend.

More and more ads within app itself, scratch cards are a joke, payouts are less and less. Going downhill. Disappointing, I used to really like this app, now you can't even get $2 a month. :( Pretty good

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