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I will change if u change a few things. U control sound. N won't let me control my own volume Works great

So far so good just started using app yesterday. I'll update when I'm actually able to cash out. wow lol

Simple and straight forward. Just use as a default app and you build gradually. The less time you spend worrying about your progress, the more you make! And be sure to do the survey's to earn more!! This IS a job in itself. Awesome

Excellent. Really pays. Sure it's only a little. But it simply replaces my old lock screen and gives me free Satoshi that's a simple click to withdraw. One con is it sometimes turns my media volume up to about 1/3rd. A non issue to many I suppose but I like to have all my volumes on zero. Pretty good

Hate centicoin i send fund 0.00359999 but centicoin pay nothing. Please allow to direct coinbase payment system. Surprisingly

কিভাবে কি করতে হবে তা বুঝিয়ে বলুন। জয়েন করে কি করবো? কত সাতসী হলে তুলতে পারবো? কিভাবে তুলবো? Just wow

Wow amazing I have spent a lot of my time in searching apps and website like this but I found that it is wonderful I have got paid .... Well done!!

Owsome apps.. you have to withdraw the earning you earn every day then keep in on your senticoin wallet.. if anything happen ur earning is save in your wallet.. Go well

very good app so far .. but i want to ask, why my total refferals keep decreasing every day? Perfect!

So far so good hope it pays out tho just signed up. Will change my review after my first withdrawal 5 star

The App superb, i jst cant believe seeing my coin dropping jst the way i never expected. Thanks to the creator of this App. Am happy to be here. Perfect

This is the best of all BTC minning app ever , I strongly recommended it for download please,i love this app. Worth it!

This app is nice because you can get a free bitcoin...but how can I save my bitcoin in base coin if the bitcion is going in the centicoin? Just wow

My first withdrawal was quick and fast ,hope it continue this way,it will definitely be an awesome app Good

Plss Change Wallet. ..... Centicoin is Fake Wallet where you giving payment ...... Go well

I have 2 times to sign in, if you can not open the dashbord within 1 week slidecoin has been closed your account and you force to confirn it in your email but ok its i track my btc and they pay it thanks slidecoin, i hope if i reach my minimun i will sent in my btc wallet Surprisingly

I am new user ..i set sms messenger as default but my messenger is not working i click on messenger it stops autometically plz reply Perfect!

I clicked the REQUEST PAYMENT and guest what it says to uninstall it so I DID UNINSTALL THE APP then when i open it again my earnings are gone my referals are also in where did they go??sooo disappointed Just wow

It's good app for bitcoin mining,no investment, easy to withdraw,kudos to the founder of the app,you really do great work Amazing!

Still enjoying the app.I can confirm their payments.Only that my first request was not sent to my account. I like this wonderful site. Keep it up Good

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