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Great app! I prefer tabs to the dashboard. Thank you for keeping tabs and letting me switch it back! Just wow

Your update is terrible. Why can't you show all the alarms on the first screen of the app. Don't be apple and force me to use the app the way you want it to be used. I'll just uninstall it. Surprisingly

Used to love it. But ever since the new update it sucks. And all the adds really? Uninstall wow lol

Left the sleep tracking on and the phone was extremely hot when I woke up (to the point of restarting due to heat). Perhaps to do with the Oreo update. Samsung galaxy s8+ Perfect

I like it except antisnooring function that has confusing settings and it doesn't recognize snoore by sound, only volume of any noise will trigger the tounge noise. It wakes me randomly before I fell asleep because it kicks of in dead silence only because I moved my leg a little, no parameters to be set. wow lol

The app tells reminds me when I should sleep, and if it's the middle of the day I can see how many hours I have until I need to sleep. The QR code wake up system has never failed to wake me up. 5/5 Omg

Great app. All features I want works as well. I had some problem with unlock, but the developer team solved my issue. Thank you. Cool

For anyone suffering from the new UI: you can click "Tabs" in the swipe menu to go back to the old UI! Amazing!

Not always perfect, but Devs are always working to improve the functionality of the app. Most functions and features out of all alarm apps out there. Well done!!

Samsung Health sleep reminders and more useful. I don't need to keep my phone next to my body/under my pillow. If you want detailed sleep tracking this app is useful, otherwise there are better alternatives. Works great

I've been using this app since Android 2.3 and it's never disappointed. I've been here though name changes and many many UI overhauls. The devs are great, the app is great. Any issues I've ever had have promptly been solved via email. Worth every penny! Cool

Excellent, just great. Tons of features, follows Google's design guidelines, all in a small package. As a developer this means quality code. Works great with my Android Wear, which gives much more accurate statistics, AND useful for my doctor. You want feedback regarding Tabs vs Dashboard. I definitely prefer the tabs. When you write "More people using Dashboard by default" I suspect it's because it's the new default. I was also automatically switched to Dashboard. Please don't remove Tabs, at least not before having a better Dashboard. Tabs are sections, and makes things easier to see than a Dashboard that puts everything in one place. Also I don't care much for the new themes, which are OK to have but IMO the only theme that is not ugly is the Dark theme. Some other color choices IMO would be better. I'll at least stick with Dark. Maybe think more "Daylight", like blue skies, green nature, "sunset-color sun" etc. I also would like that turning off the alarm would require a sliding action. Sometimes I press the wrong button (not snooze) by mistake. Enjoy it!

Awesome app. I don't really care for about tracking my sleep, but it is useful for setting up your alarm to go off after you complete a sleep cycle. It also works with smart-bulbs to mimic the sunrise when your alarm goes off. Definitely worth the price. Great job

Pretty confused when I turned off the sleep in the morning, the navigation menu changed to dashboard by default. It's updated automatically midnight Flawless

Newest update turned ui to hot garbage. Seriously an alarm clocks main screen needs to show all the alarms and have a button for new alarms / nap alarms. Any free app will do the basics better than this. Perfect

I do enjoy this app, and I feel it does help improve my sleeping habits. The only point of criticism I can think of is that I don't find the interface to be very intuitive, nor is it very visually appealing. Other than that, it's a solid app. Worth a go!

Using it for many years now, not sure why, but it fulfilled some needs at the time. Fast forward to today, I started sleep tracking, but didn't want to keep the phone charging and on my mattress during my sleep. So I bought a Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro as I love Samsung Health, only to find out it doesn't work with SaA. Read a dev comment from 11/2016 stating it would come soon, clearly not. At least it syncs with S Health, right? Partially.. It will get the heart rate and sleep hours, but doesn't sync the sleep stages from S Health. So no more sleep analysis and smart wake up. This app has degraded to a basic alarm clock for me, and probably soon be replaced by it as well. Also I've never known about or purchased the unlock, not sure why you'd need it. The lacking description in the app store isn't helping here. EDIT: Thanks for the very quick reply! Can you also explain why SaA doesn't import sleep stages from Samsung Health? Amazing!

Great app, very easy to use. It works perfectly with xiaomi band 2 to keep tracking of my sleep. Omg

I really like the app. But one thing that I have found out is that it does not do a very good job determining when I'm actually awake. Some times it does but very rarely. But other than that it seems to do a good job. Highly Recommend.

EDIT: If you purchased this app previously then you need to redownload the Sleep as Android Unlock version of this app to gain full premium access again. Love this app so much. I always feel so refreshed with the smart wake up and soothing alarm song choices. Excellent for monitoring snoring and trying to keep a cleaner sleep schedule. 10/10 would recommend ;) wow lol

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