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When I travel to Europe without a planned itinerary, the "everywhere" destination feature is fantastic! Just enter the date and place you're leaving from and this app provides a list of possible destinations and fares! Brilliant feature Marvelous

It's fantastic! The best prices mostly. However the routes are jambled up at times. Love the everywhere option. Could expand it's search results as per customers previous search, customise a bit more. Well done!!

What happened? This app used to be the best of all ticket apps because the flexible easy to use data graph with date and price. Now its a complete mess. Can only select 1 date or 1 month!? And doesnt even work. Can I still download your old app? Enjoy it!

Will be good if multi cities could be select and personalized filters can be customized Flawless

Love SkyScanner and the app is really useful! Great for finding the best flights. Omg

This app I think is the best for helping you find flights, especially those you plan last minute. The family reviews are helpful too to show you which airlines are the best to travel with Superb!

The app needs a additional filter on the search to find flight connections that arrive and leave from the same airport, not just the same city. eg Searches where the first flight lands at Gatwick and the connection departs from Heathrow, are useless. The website has this option. Surprisingly

Fantastic APP... after I use Skyscanner, then I had never use other APP to book fight ticket Not bad

Sometimes I don't know where I want to go. Skyscanner has the option for me to choose anywhere and look at many options. Love it. Well done!!

I love this app it shows the cheapest flights, I wish they make the airplane model visible, and it will be great if they allow the option of the whole month selection in flights booking in the mobile app as the website does. Omg

sometime the buying link is not working properly nice i am using this app he gave me 95% good results Cool

Additional tip would be to allow us to check prices for multiple cities. Otherwise, everything else is magnifique! Worth it!

This app is amazing she give you the lowest price also she give you the best way to book a flight keep going skyscanner Enjoy it!

Awesome app, just need to include the everywhere option for the destination and make it more easier to select the whole month price graph. Enjoy it!

It's ok. I use it often to compare prices and have booked through it on several occasions Perfect

This has the cheapest plane tickets ever. Cheaper than the deals in cheapflights, kayak, hopper, exoedia,cheapair. Perfect!

Finds me the cheapest flights and is easy to use... Great alert system to keep track of prices Just wow

Very useful. Easy to use, easy to compare other prices, and have good tickets prices too. Works perfectly

PERFECT! The most amazing thing about it is that, unlike most booking apps, this one ACTUALLY provides you with the lowest rates available and that's pretty much what I need. The interface is nice and user friendly, the app doesn't lag or crash at all, it's INCREDIBLY reliable. Thank you Skyscanner. Please continue to get better, don't lose this outstanding quality and performance as time passes. Great job

Aowsem app, very easy to use, but unfortunately sometimes it gives price from outside then when I enter I find another price which is higher, also I hope that you extend the number of months in explore section more than 3 months because usually we prepare for our journey approximately 6 months in advance, any way thank you for the great app Works great

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