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Very accurately depicted kids-friendly game! This game includes portrait of former Korean President. It successfully characterized the figure and action of the president. This game is kids friendly, educational, easy controling, and exciting. Therefor this game received five stars

야필쏘좋다 노알라가떨어질때 저의 감기도뚝떨어졌습니다. 급성라도알러지성슨상증후군을동반한 독감기었는데 스카이운지의즐거움은마치 제가 김정은체고조넘장군님앞으로홍어택배보내려다실패했을때의 낙심감조차잃게하네요

Awesome! Recently I was having very big depression but after I played this game my depression was totally gone. It is miracle!. Recommend to take Sky Unji APK.

??? out!! Best game ever! That is the president who tried to make all the U.S troops in south korea to go back to u.s.a. which could have threaten the democracy in south korea. Even more tht retard planned to just give away south korean naval territory to North Korea. He deserves to be made fun of, I was so relieved when I heard him committed suicide. And this game is fun I got so addicted to this game fellows just play this game!

Ya !!! Feel So Good!!! 좌좀들 이중성 쩌는거보소. 이명박 전 대통령 게임나왔을땐 좋아요 하면서 왜 노무현나오니까 비난하니 오늘도 전라'도'에서 치욕 받고 갑니다. 일베를 살

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