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I liked it up until the third world. The purple jelly eyeballs, they look so out of place next the cute charm babies. They're just ugly. Idk, maybe if they were a different color or something else completely. Also it keeps telling me there no internet connection, so I cant log in with Fb or make purchases. Its got to be the app itself. Just wow

Cute game Lovely game, but a lot harder than you might think! So don't take the cute tiles for granted, they will test you! Great job

Awesome n cute None other games that i played before r as fun n adorable as this. Not to mention , it's so fast n easy to use Recommend

Super-Cute, Challenging Match-3 game. Very lively, colorful, cute Fun game! Another Great game from Playrix!!! I Love you guys/gals!! Thank ♡ You love it

I love this game. I've played through all the levels. Please add some more. I haven't bought gold bars once and the only power ups I've bought were with the gold bars the game just gives you. I really enjoy this game. Just add more levels please Go well

The game is great! Playing it is addictive, and very entertaining!! I love how cute the graphic are, and how easy the game flows. I am having a difficult time with the internet connectivity... No matter what kind of network I am on, the game doesn't allow me to do anything with power ups, or connecting to Facebook. Other than that, I love the game! Amazing!

Message keeps coming up , no Internet connection. I have Internet connection for all of my games. Can not use special features because it's not working. If I could play, I would give better review. Please fix.... Marvelous

Love the game but cannot connect to the internet in any way possible so cannot purchase bars for help or extra moves. It's very annoying. Surprisingly

The game is nice I enjoy playing but the internet connection error is rather irritating. I have the 30 free bars but can't use them for extra moves, refill my lives or anything. Really sucks when I'm one or two moves away from beating a really hard level and again have to start over and wait for lives. Fix that and I think the game would be worth 5 stars Surprisingly

Was really loving this game until I tried to refill my lives with the gold bars. It says there is no internet connection but took my bars and didn't give me any lives. Tried to contact the developer but it got bounced back. Enjoy it!

I like the game. It's awesome. However, I have 30 gold bars. If I run out of lives at the end of a level it asks if I want more lives for 9 bars. Whenever I click on that or anything it checks for internet & can't find it. Wi-Fi is on...whats up with that? Omg

Same issue on both phone and tablet. Won't connect to internet or anything...So no connecting to Facebook or using my jewels or buying anymore jewels...Please fix so I don't have to uninstall it Superb!

Love the game. Frustrated that I can't share or request or connect with Facebook. Keeps telling me I'm not connected to the Internet. I am connected to Internet through wifi and mobile data. I know these problem is not on my end as everything else works. Hope this gets fixed soon Just wow

Enjoy everything about the game, really like not having ads, . I have a question though regarding Internet I'm connected make sure everything is fine when I try to log into fb it says no Internet connection, this is every time, anyone have any suggestions as what I can do. It is only this game I have that problem with. Thanks for any help. Wonderful game other than that 5 star

Would give game 5 stars but I won't because it always says no Internet connection. I've tried linking to fb or using gold to speed up levels or purchase items but always says no Internet connection. Very frustrating. Omg

Pow pow!pow pow pow ! Great game. But please I beg of you fix the internet connection. It always says I have no internet when in fact I can play an online game before or after I play Sky charms. Wants to buy gold bars for powers but again the same is being said....oops no internet connection. Gosh! Superb!

I liked the game. BUT, even when I am connected to my home WiFi, it will say there is no Internet connection and tell me to check it. This should not happen, everything else I use on my phone l, that uses WiFi, or even just my service data, works perfect. This game though never seems to recognize my Internet connection. Meaning I cannot use the gold bars I have to purchase moves or lives l. It is rather frustrating. Fix this and will be 5 stars Works perfectly

This is a fun game. However, it won't let me connect to Facebook or use any of my gold bars to buy more moves or power ups. It tells me thay there is no internet connection. Well, there is a connection to write this review five seconds later... Highly Recommend.

Game isn't bad, but everyone I try to use gold it says I don't have an internet connection. So I can't buy extra moves or power ups. Any solution? Just wow

Only get five lives and you have to wait 25 minutes for each one of them to refill. .. Its an okay game but it could be better. Cool

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