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Fantastic app I really love the way it is showing the exercises and if u don't understand there are videos to show you!Great app and very good job by the editors of it Enjoy it!

So happy that I found out the app... Getting results as expected will recommend to every gym freaks and to those who are non gym goers Good

Can this app be used for a 12 and a half year old? I dont have much belly fat but im trying to lose it anyway so i wanted to know. Fabulous!

This app is amazing! I'm doing it with my dad and after the first thirty days my abs are finally showing Muito bom!

I am having experience of little more comfortable on my body usually upper parts, through when I started exercise occording to this particular app, daily . Must have

I made a mistake and started on level 3 that's why I was wondering all the time is this level 1 ? Oh, I train abs regularly 2 or 3 times / week on other abs so this one continued on the same level , very challenging and to the point . Brilliant

From the 1 st day the exercise is awesome but those who not doing exercise regularly for those these exercise are heavy or over this happen with me when i started but i am fitt with the help of this i completed my task over all this app is the best app ❤❤ Surprisingly

I like it too much, but I want that if it has a diet plan. So it will help us more. Brilliant

makes working out easy.....and for the six packs mine has just shown its head..... Superb!

The exercises are tiring which is how I know its working, i only finished up day 2 so its way too soon to tell. But so far I like it. I have a couple questions. I dont wake up the next day tired or in pain, so is it safe to skip the days that tells you to rest up? And is it like safe or possible to do more than one work out plan atbonce? 5 star

Great app for ppl that wanna become consistent with workouts. This 8-12 min workout a day makes u be proud of your progress Cool

Amazing app, amazing results. I will be surprised if they will improve it further, and being this app as amazing as their team they will surely succeed. :) In the latest update I noticed that: 1) the calendar seems to be faulty 2) the reminder doesn't work at all. I'm confidently sure it soon will be perfect. Works great

Day 5 results! Thanks for creating such a great app. Also, is it recommended to young teens whose muscles haven't fully developed (me lol)? Not bad

I'm really fat right now. I'm gonna give this app a full test. Right now I'm on day 15 the workouts are set up for someone like me who has ridden the couch for the past 10 years, meaning they start out with manageable workouts that push you but not so much you never wanna do it again. So far i think it's working well. Will report back with full results Superb!

It's Really helpful app I really wanna thanks the developer of this app . You did something so great . And I also loved the idea of the teaching videos on YouTube .. Nice work keep on Fabulous!

Have been using the app for 8 days now. I can already see the results. Do not cheat on the app's routine and I'm sure, you would see results too! Good luck Cool

I must say that this app is very great. I have been using it for a few days, though i still can't see the result, but i enjoy to do exercise given by this app every morning. They give you any different kind of exercise, and its And also there's coach voice that lead the exercise. So greaat Amazing!

Awesome! So easy to use and such basic controls too. I was looking for ways to lose belly fat since I always slouch Awesome

It's a pretty cool app!!! I love it I'm really feeling relaxed after doing the exercises daily It's like you are practicing with a specialist. One thing I can't understand, should I do all three types of exercises daily or only one type of exercise per day? Perfect

Great app. Couldn't even skip to 6 pack abs.... Did 9 of 26 and got my butt whooped. Need to go back to belly fat loss Works great

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