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My kids saw a butt and breasts on start up change that . Will see what big fish has to say Go well

Beyond excellent its such a well put together fun game! It's exciting too thanks Devs great job!!! Worth it!

You need to make the second and third levels a little easier, some are just plain unrealistic. I'm stuck trying to complete levels 1 to 10 at the 2nd and 3rd level Go well

Passes time and kindy makes me feel like a kid playing this...with they would find a way to get more COINS. Great job

I really love this game but one thing i must want from admin plz plz plz keep it bit easy i m on level 5 but still cant clear farther its very very hard to play this is my humble request to admin Omg

Love the game enough to put up with it taking 3 times to load up before I can play it. And it shutting down whenever it feels like it. Works great

You've done it again. I am beyond being addicted to this game, I am now obsessed! The amount of time that Big Fish (BF) has put into every aspect of every single detail is mind blowing. The only thing I would LOVE to see changed is the need to spend real money to buy coins for much needed boosts and extra lives. Otherwise I would give this one a 5. Thanks! 5 star

Lots of fun. Just need bigger prizes. Not enough for all the work needed to win, but overall I love it.' Great!

This game was recommended to me by my BFF and I love it, you have easy and hard levels and that makes it more interesting than most other games. Awesome

Fun for the whole family its on every device its a shame it does have a login so u can keep you game on any device gonna change my phone and that means I'm gonna loose all my progress......gutted don't think I can start again from the beginning Amazing!

I am a HUGE fan of BIG FISH games! This is so much fun! Could you add a way to log into our Big Fish Account on this game along with the ability to log into facebook and Google so I can log into all 3. Would be an excellent addon to the other Big Fish games too!!! Great!

This game used to be very good - it's just rubbish now! Connection to FB just does not work! Game keeps crashing at any time - so annoying! I'll probably stop playing it and uninstall. Much better games out there! Perfect

I play level 80 on hard mode and beat stage after I beat game freeze and take me out of game please fix I lost all. My items I used when game freeze this is second time it do the same thing to me Flawless

There were a lot of bugs at launch but those have been fixed. I love the actual game itself, the match puzzles are mostly fantastic. What I don't like is that coins and rewards have been "nerfed" so it's like they don't appreciate loyalty. Should be more generous with rewards and make purchases more reasonably priced. I love playing the game. I don't love stingy rewards. At the end of the day, if I move on from this game, that will by why. Surprisingly

I have no problem buying coins. However, I wish more coins were given or the cost to play on was less expensive. Just wow

Just started again on my Android. And I suggested it to my freind and he liked it better than some of his other games. He really like this one! And I say DITTO, and how! Go Works great

Never board, find yourself in the middle of nothing to do? Get this game and you can't put it down, enjoy! Enjoy it!

I love this game! Needs a little more direction sometims. A lot of things going on at one time. But having loadsof fun. Must have

I like it,it's fast & fun I also like the characters, I probably could play it all day!!! Works great

Love, love, love this game. The fireflies and witches and dragons make it more interesting and the graphics are great. Thanks for the great game Flawless

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