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Only been using this app for about 2 weeks. So far so good. I like the variety of the news presented. Marvelous

Nice layout. News mainly from the left. Most of thr major news outlets will not let you read full article wanting a subscription. Well done!!

Each article get straight to the point. I know what's going on in the world with just a quick glance. Highly Recommend.

Very clean format with an interesting mix of news articles. This app works great on my small screen Jelly Pro! Muito bom!

I was looking for a replacement for the Yahoo News Digest and this is the one! The UK version is excellent. Amazing!

Downloaded this news app because Yahoo pulled the plug on their News Digest app (after they were bought by Verizon). This is as good as that one and maybe better. Best for people who are looking for a finite number of news. Pretty good

Not bad, could be better. Didn't give more stars as when I searched for articles on Manchester city, none came up, only Manchester united, so I deleted. Superb!

A very slick interface combines with great news sources. Things I'd like to see in future releases would be the ability to arrange categories, and a web link to the full article or videos. Cool

Good app. Could do with a few more categories, specifically technology. Like that it condenses pages for basic info but can expand out to full news article Flawless

Very good. Clear, concise and easy to navigate. Choose your own topics is a plus for me wow lol

High quality photo journalism with HD level images and an array of news subcategories. The range of planning , development and design​ innovation to create this app is clearly demonstrated. All features are easy to access. The information contained in news events is constantly updated for each category listed. This app is an ideal choice for fast, accurate digital news love it

Pretty Good I like my news. I like a well rounded offering of news in an organized fashion. This app gives me most of that, except with a twist that's a pain in the neck. Holding down a finger on the story so I can get an icon which allows me to read all of it. Great!

This App does exactly what I want. I hope the developers can find a way to get a license from the "big guys" - news sources that charge a monthly subscription. I DON'T WANT A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPRION to one place. But if the developers could do something to get licenses from many sources, I'd pay a premium for this product to cover the cost of doing it. Just saying. Superb!

Very cool app! I would only like to have the option to choose more than one country simultaneously. 5 star

So far nicely done could use text resizing and some red feeds should be able to accept Not bad

Good News Non-intrusive, no spam & you can also enter keywords to search. Most news seems non-biased except for NYT. Recommend

Excellent I find this app extremely useful, informative and interesting. I like how you can go into details and retrieve more information. I recommend this to anyone. Good

Best news app but needs more categories Been looking for a news app that lets me browse headlines quickly like the Yahoo news app, but doesn't load articles into an external browser. This one almost meets my needs. I must page through headlines but this deficiency is offset by a useful article summary on each page, which helps to decide to read more. My only gripe concerns categories. Only 2 of them interest me. I'd love to see world/international, health, odd, U.S., popular, and opinion. Update: saved searches can work in lieu of categories. Worth a go!

Great Sources, Clunky Interface This is one of the only news apps drawing from top-tier news sources (US at least). This is somewhat overshadowed by the app's UI, which is simple but a bit janky. App has a habit of seemingly crashing to the splash screen when scrolling to top, expanding an article excerpt to a full article is unintuitive with no interface clues to help, and some sources are behind paywalls (app makes easy enough to switch sources, but why include unreadable sources as defaults) UI animations are dated and slow. Pretty good

Good News Collection I use this app every day. It's an easy way to get the gist of what's going on in the world around you. It's nice that you have the ability to either dive into a news item if that's what you're looking for or just skim the front page if that's all that time and/or inclination you have. Marvelous

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