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I found herobrine and got near him he dropps loot not deat but kil him and he will respawn and do it agen Amazing!

Its a good game but one thing..... TOO MANY ADS. I can't last a second without an ad getting rammed into my face Recommend

THE FATAL ERROR NEEDS TO STOP!!! Ever time I go to either set out my oven or craft table it throws out a fatal error and kicks me out!!! It is starting to ruin this app!!! I enjoy ilthis game but fix the fatal error crap!!! Surprisingly

OMG!!!!! To those people that hate this game, well you are wrong this game is very amazing and EPIC!!! Worth it!

It's so fun I saw hero brine and sometimes when I go to hero brine he would give me stones it's soooo fun Cool

انا كل ما اجي استخدم الادوات الي ف الصنوق مش بيرضي يفتح وبيطلعلي رسالة مكتوب فيها fatal erorr in action number 1 of step event0 for object obj_player second index out of bounds request 0,17 maximum size is 1 وبعدها بدوس اوك وبيخرجني برا اللعبة.... اعمل اية ؟ 5 star

It has a few glitches and there's some adds but its a good and fun game to play but how do you eat on it Fantastic

When I mine i get à block of iron or something but how do you get the actual iron block from it? Worth a go!

Love it but...... I love it I really do. Worth it!

Cheep You just wanna make a game as good as Minecraft but u did not do it. I'm truly sorry but I think it would better if the controls were better if u tweak them a little bit but I'll keep playing it. No rush for a update though, I know it can stress, and a little buggy but no presher

All of you don't like this game and say it's boring thats your opinion i like it

Love it but...... I love it I really do.

Shut up peeps U never have anything your way don't you no u don't so just shut up and deal with it

I love it I love this game but I have been playing and can't figgure out how to get a pet or can u ?

Rubbish This game was fine until I was playing and then my phone just freezes. I had to do a full shut down and restart of my phone. I will not be reinstalling.

Way to buggy Its way to buggy and way to many ads. After.five minutes of playing all i could see was water. Fix these and i give 5 stars

I hate this You know why one star beacause went i install this and it was done installing and then i tap it back to home ihate this. F******************************************

Something is wrong It says "press here to start" I press it it then I says "Error ###############" if you fix it I'll give it a 5 stars

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