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I just started to use this app and it's great .Like the way it has a chart to show your progress. It sets your current weight you set your weight goal and it lets you know your bmi . I love it so far. And it's e easy to set up. Pretty good

Love to see a total weight loss, from the beginning until the latest entry. Currently it only shows the difference between the last two entries. love it

Perfect for me Keeps track of my weight loss goals and progress. It's accurate and simple which is perfect for me. Love looking at the history to see how far I've come. Thank you, great app! Omg

I like app a lot & have used it approximately 2 yrs. So simple, easy to use and VERY HELPFUL...but, it has a small problem in History Graft. Thanks for THIS app Dev/s. This is a GREAT app for just simply recording your weight. I like the simple features - Input your weight, height, weight goal (to lose or gain weight) & see your progress! It's just about like the images posted. I say that because this app's graphics look different than pictures shown (not as graphic, cleaner) on my LG G3. App works great But, the fonts are too small in the History Graft screen on my LG G3 Android 5.0.1. If u can fix it, it would be appreciated. Thanks love it

I liked the application so much that when I changed phones IInstalled to the phone. Now I have a question how can I transfer the data from the old phone to new one ?. I have a secret. You can not loose weight with the application but it makes tracing your history very easy and keeps you motivated and that heips alot. Perfect

Paddy Henderson Excellent software, been using it for 2 years now. Does exactly what it says on the tin .. One thing I would add if you can - I need to change my device and would like to take all 2 years worth of setting with me .. can you add and export and import button? 5 star

Does what says However, I wish it still had the graphed projected date and weight loss goal so one could plot one's progress + or - each day agianst that standard. That was helpful. Go well

Just what I needed and nothing more to clutter the screen. I was looking for an ap to log my weight and graph it. This got it right. I can log data in seconds without navigating through needless steps. Great job

Useful but with shortcomings I'm trying to put weight on, so it would be nice to reverse the colours as an increase is good (green) and a decrease is bad (red). Deleted first entry but graph still showing original baseline. Moved phone and can find no way to transfer readings, which is a shame. Other than all this, it does the job. Fabulous!

I really like this app! Simple to use, fast and easy weight tracker!!!!! I really love it! Keeps me on track and assists with accountability. There are a few options that would be nice to have in future releases: 1) import data 2) be able to input short term goals. This allows for short term celebrations!!!! between reaching your ultimate goal. have the goal line entry "tagged" color or other to identify short term goal reached. 3)History - add column next to Change - Total Wt Loss to date *****Thanks for this app!!!!***** 5 star

Love it, but has a glitch The total loss doesn't adjust when old data is deleted to start fresh. It somehow still remembers some old starting point and so the total loss says +1.7 instead of -5.6 Marvelous

It used to be much better I don't know why you changed it... When you have a loss or a gain in weight it would show it very clearly and distinctly making big LINES on the chart and now its so miniscule you can barely tell ....please please go back to the original chart of showing big Lines ON THE CHART when you only had a pound or two BIG SCALE ON THE CHART Omg

I would give it a 5, but at 1.8m tall and 90.6kg it tells me my BMI is 00.03 which means I should be dead. Must have

Like the app very much Big like for this app, it is simple to use and user-friendly. It has just one thing missing: the year of the records. If you are using it more years you might no longer remember which year it was when you entered a specific record, as you see only the day & month. love it

Alright The app works well enough. Simple but effective. The only problem I have with it is that some of the text is off the screen on a Droid Turbo 2. Annoying but not the end of the world. Great!

Love it! Every time I change my phone, this app is a must to be downloaded. Extremely simple to use, exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. No unnecessary information needs to be recorded, just gets right to the point of what you want entered. Wish there was a paid version. I would pay for it in a heartbeat. wow lol

Love it The only thing I would like to see changed is the ability to edit your entry, as I have made entry mistakes that can't be deleted. And the chart is hard to read as the numbers are so small. Other than that...great way to keep track of your weight.

Pretty good I'm trying to put weight on, so it would be nice to reverse the colours as an increase is good (green) and a decrease is bad (red). Deleted first entry but graph still showing original baseline. Otherwise great!

Could use a way to track the years... My only problem is that it doesnt keep track of the year with the date. Otherwise its a great app.

Wish this can record a family group Hopefully you can add more people as option so a family can record together to support each other. Thanks

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