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Love the variety of meditations topics. Even the podcast "simple habit" is great way to start your day or listening to while commuting to school/work, it gives such wonderful and good vibes. The whole experience make my mind calm and deeply live into moments and appreciate everything i got each day, even the tiny details. Also improved my focus. Works great

Having a meditation kit in my pocket does not only help me recharge; it assists me in my self and world discovery. Even the free version is packed with whatever I need in my everyday journey. Brilliant

It has good teachers and nice series for a varivariety of purposes, but a nice app is nothing if it can't be used. I have to wait for 10 minutes or more for the app to start the meditations or even open. My phone is in good shape and my internet is working perfectly fine, the app is just too slow. Surprisingly

I don't think you understand what monthly subscription means. It certainly doesn't mean "pay us a lump sum of 100 dollars" Works great

Love this app. I have been suffering from anxiety recently and doing this and yoga have helped clear my thoughts and made me start feel normal again even after only 1 day. I am currently up to day 3 and have not had any more anxiety attacks. Highly recommend. Worth a go!

This is a great meditation app and the short sessions really make it easy. The only problem is there are a lot of courses and it feels overwhelming to choose one. A better recommendation system would help. Must have

I have tried other meditation apps, and although good apps, I felt this app had much better instruction. I felt like the other apps just talked to you while you meditated but this app teaches you while you meditate. So it gives me something to apply and practice while meditating. Pretty good

Finally, a way to learn to meditate in as little as 5 minutes. If you're new to meditation you know how difficult it can be. These short 5 minute sessions are a great help to a beginner. Great!

I'm on day 4 and so far it is helping. Slowly but I'm really enjoying the fact that it's a convenient five minutes out of my day. I enjoy that it's not an app that adds stress by adding things it wants me to do. Surprisingly

I always thought that I never had time to relax, but this app has really helped me to slow down & relax my mind as well as my body & soul. Wonderful app! I love it! Not bad

Great app and higher purpose. Meditation is good for all and should be part of public and private education- beginning in elementary schools. Perhaps there would be less violence. Fabulous!

It is amazing what you can do when you work out and strengthen your mind. I don't pay for a lot of apps, not a fan of doing so. However this app I decided to try it out for one month, passing it, after I tried the free version. I have decided to keep the subscription, because this has done more for me than any of my medications for anxiety, sleeplessness & depression. This app has meditation for every situation one could find themselves in and feeling a certain way that this app can help with. Much appreciate the new meditations uploaded more often than you'd think. I want to send my appreciations to the developers, writers, and the people who guide the meditations. This is a very good thing to help improve your life. From sleep to dealing with anger, even frustration. Namaste. Works perfectly

I have quickly become addicted to simple habit! I love the relaxed feeling I get and I love how you can pick the length of the meditation you want. The voices are all so soothing and calming. I wish there were more options in the free version, but you gotta eat, I get it. And you can share it with a friend to get 2 weeks of premium meditations free! Perfect!

So far so good. Very helpful and well designed app. A lot of good free content. Paying plans are a bit expensive though. Great variety of topics. Must have

Providing amazing and thorough content without a auction creates trust and makes me want to invest in the app. I LOVE that there are different teachers and there is an abundance of context driven meditations offered, even at the free level. wow lol

Day 2 of using this app. And I love it. Everything is so great. I'm 17 yo and I have a lot of problems. This is surely helping me. Thank you so much guys! I wish there were some more free content as I'm not able to pay so much for locked sessions. But I completely understand the policy of this app and the need to lock them so its alright! I wonder why this app is not in editor choice list. ❤❤ Works perfectly

As a Martial Artist for over 30 years I truly love deep breathing meditation. If you do desire to keep thoughts from bombarding your brain; count 5 second breath in through your nose. Make sure you're not breathing in your chest but down in your stomach. Then lightly exhale through your mouth counting 7 seconds. This will absolutely keep your mind in check. Pretty good

I've been meditating with an app for 3 years now. Some days I just couldn't find the time but with this wonderful app all I need is 5 minutes. I love it. Works great

I thought I hated meditating... until this app. Also KUDOS on the most user friendly app I've seen! love it

So far the best meditation app I've tried, and I've tried lots of them! I'll update this as soon as I explore more of its content. IMO the best features are: great variety of sessions and teachers, plus a good amount of free content. The subscription is a somewhat salty in my country, though. Just wow

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