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I think this app is absolutely great. I dont know I didnt know about it before. Im very greatful it. Thank you so much, and the customer support is the best. I give yall a thumbs up and 5 stars!!!!! Great job

Great app, although, it says you can change your sideline number anytime. I had to change mine and it says it can only be changed once. If I'm paying a monthly fee, I should be able to change it whenever I want and as many times as I want. love it

App had a glitch where I couldn't see my contacts. I uninstalled/reinstalled and now it works fine. Now if only I can figure out a way to extract my use activity to submit for work... Hmm.... Just wow

Opening the app makes my Bluetooth headset act as if I am on a phone call, please fix this. Fantastic

I use this app so I don't have to give my personal number to customers. My job requires me to keep in contact with clientele but they don't provide a phone. Sideline is the perfect solution. Not only can I send calls for this line to voicemail after business hours, I can easily change the number if a customer gets unprofessional. This app helps to balance my work and personal lives without digging into my pockets. 5 stars, no hesitation. Fantastic

It's ok. Really needs a dark theme for night time use, very blinding. Also screws with my media sound everytime I open the app (music, audible, etc). That's a huge annoyance when listening to music and working. Perfect!

I stop using this when it became a paid service. However I still get text messages which I can't read. Think you should let text messages come thru so we can let the people know the number is no longer in service Flawless

I started out loving this app, so much so that I am paying monthly for it. However, now that I am paying monthly the app doesn't work that great. I don't get incoming calls and I often don't find out that people have been calling until I get a missed call alert. I've updated it multiple times and it still doesn't work properly. Being that this number is on all of my business material I am in a tough spot. I am ready to delete this app as soon as I find one that will let me transfer my number. Worth a go!

Okay, I've had this for a few months now, and must say that I'm pleasantly impressed. Reason why is because I have another second line app, and it's horrible. So I have become accustomed to the shortfalls(calls not coming in, ring once then hang up, constantly sending updates that kept changing my logo to theirs, and more), until I got Sideline. I'm happy with the service so far. Brilliant

It has been successful app. Works super great for my landscaping business. Customer service is on top with their customers. They reply quick on trouble shooting. love it

Really great for the price. The only thing it's missing is options to mute notifications for individual text and calls. Sometimes I don't want to block someone, and there's no option to mute notifications. Omg

Easy to use. No problems, don't have to pass out your number and can use as a second line Flawless

Pretty good application. I like the voice to text feature. One fix I think this app needs is when it's connected to Bluetooth in the car. My music keeps playing on Spotify when I get a call and it's generally a nightmare that I can't fix while operating a vehicle. Even Instagram audio puts my music on pause, but my phone application doesn't. 5 stars if we can fix this otherwise I can't continue to use this. Omg

Great App with awesome functionality clear calls and it keeps your number completely hidden sweet Worth it!

Reliable second phone number, great call quality and amazing costumer service. I had a couple of issues but the Sideline staff answer was fast they help me out in a very smooth way. Great app!!! Not bad

The app does almost everything I want for a second line for my business. Custom voice mail message and a separate texting app is nice. The only thing missing to make it a killer app for me would be a second contact list. Works perfectly

Does not list contacts properly. Not able to use other apps correctly while on a call. Brilliant

I just cancelled my subscription that was pending on my card, Google says my next payment was due yesterday but my card said the money had been taken out. I don't use the service and I meant to cancel it by the renewal date. Can I get a refund please? I didn't use it the entire last month, I just want the 10 back for the upcoming month.. 5 star

This app works well, most of the time. Right now I'm trying to make a call using the app and it keeps telling me: in order to keep your device private, you must use the app to make the call." I AM USING THE APP! Incredible ly frustrating since it's a law enforcement call and I can't use my personal number to do it. I would give it a 5 star rating g if it did the have this obnoxious glitch. Go well

Receive calls without diff, no calls dropped, clear conversation, great app for the price every month ... LUV IT! Fantastic

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