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Great App, Horrible on Battery I was hoping others were wrong about the battery drain, but they are not. I installed this app this afternoon and have barely used it at all and already after 4 hours it's become the #4 battery drainer. The developer's need to figure out a way to make it lighter and not use so much battery when in the background. Fantastic

Brilliant, I think adding the ability to add widgets to the sidebar would be a good idea. Then I can hide them off the screen and just slide out the menu to access them when needed. Fantastic

Great app but now has issues. Unfortunately on cm13 (g900fd) when in landscape the sidebar will not close, it's always open. This is a deal breaker for me. I have stopped using sidebar launcher and I'm now using a different app purely due to this issue. Will be interesting to monitor battery life now having read the other reviews. Amazing!

Very good... But it would be so much better with a little more ability to customize. Text color, icons & the ability to add system widgets would be amazing. Keep up the great work devs! Looking forward to future improvements!

Almost perfect I love this app. Works perfectly for what I need. Just wish there were more personalization options such as size, icon settings, etc...

Power consumption Power consumption is humongous. Please find a way to see that the it does not drain the battery during the crucial low battery phase. I will rate it Five stars once this is fixed. I'm using a nexus 4.

One feature request.. This is really cool app and working fine.. One request,, plz add the xhalo support then it will be more functional. Thanx

Plz add Sidebar location at the TOP too & also reduce icon size When i touch on the left/right most part of the screen while using other apps, Sidebar launcher is very disturbing..

Beware! This app is by the same people who make Boat Browser. Check out that app's reviews, especially June 2015, to learn how they have treated their customers. I'll not do business with them again until they stop misleading people by including ads in their PAID products.

Lol, handy but... 220mb in RAM!! I quit, my device become more slower and laggy anytime I switching apps

Can be as better HUB This app can be as basic to develop an app just like blackberry 10 HUB which are connecting all email and social notification and all the content

A Must Have App for your Phone!! I absolutely LUV this app! I'm constantly using it to switch betwen apps, or to make a quick call or check a message without going all the way back to the home screen!...I'd be totally lost without this..I couldn't navigate thru my phone so quick & easy!!!!

Love it! Keeps all my icons nicely tucked away till I need them. Finally a nice clean screen.

Hey Digital Life International... Thank you for your creative, intuitive excellent apps. I am blown away. This app could easily replace an entire traditional launcher.

I really like it But I would like to see a little bit less RAM usage (over 120mb is a bit much)but besides this I like it Worth it!

Force close Hey devs, it still force closes on my galaxy grand prime with 4.4.4, even though it's been whitelisted from my cleaner apps. Also, it doesn't stay in the notif bar when it force closes. Wish new updates would fix this. Go well

instead of basic messaging app. Great!

while scrolling it doesnt sense at a single touch. useless

excellent perfect app. but since lollipop update the mobile network on/off button doesn't seem to work anymore, is it just me? Recommend

On my Galaxy $3 AS if multi task Screen wasn't enough? This along with ALLIANCE ROM, FREEDOM APP, XMOD ABSOLUTE SYSTEM, And LUCKY PATCHER. maybee I have too much options, Naaaaaaa Cool

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