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My favorite app of all time...i am apple to download photos a nd view on my fire tv, phone or kindle Amazing!

Still better and faster than the official app. One feature would make this perfect: Allow a search on the screen where you select the destination folder. I have hundreds of folders and often need to scroll through the list to find the right one. If it worked like the filter search in the regular ShutterFolio app, it would be perfect. Still giving it 5 starts though. :-) Pretty good

Still better than the official Shutterfly app, which has become bugged to the point of being unusable. Use Shutterfly? Use this app. Period. Amazing!

I wish I could delete photos from it. I have tried everything. I have to sign into shutterfly just to delete a picture. Otherwise, I like it. Fabulous!

I love this app! It helps me save space on my phone and still keep all my pictures:) Brilliant

can't delete photos you put on by accident or uploaded in wrong folder, otherwise I love the app wow lol

Love it Snap. Upload. Done. Allows me to easily create my yearly photo albums of my toddler. They grow so fast! Works perfectly

Best photo app! Been using for years, so easy to store all sorts of photos in separate files. From there you can send and share or order pro quality prints in any size and several mediums. Omg

Love it! Just uploads photos...exactly what I want! Had this before Shutterfly graciously decided to add an android app & won't go to theirs now!! Highly Recommend.

Great app! Use it on both my phone and WiFi camera. Easy to use and great way to keep my photos in one Shutterfly. Easy access to all my photos and can access on most my devices. Marvelous

Love it This APP works flawlessly for me. Stores my photos with no problem. I can access the pictures easily and make my photo books on shutterfly Just wow

Love it!!! I absolutely love shutterfly and to be able to upload my pictures and know they are all in a safe place and their when I am needing them!!!! love it

Love this It allows me access to all of my pictures that are saved on shutterfly and it allows me to easy upload and store the pictures I have taken on my phone. Highly recommend to anyone who uses shutterfly to backup all their pictures. Good

A great app for droid I love how well the upload works and seems smoother to search than my old shutterfly iPad app 5 star

Most beloved app. Saves all my pictures. If I break my phone just download the app and you always have them. Not bad

Great app for family pictures I Love this App. I take my family pictures every where I go now, especially my mother who has passed. Worth it!

Best Photo App Option! I've tried picfolio, Snapfish, ect. This is by far the best! It's easy to manage and organize your photos and it gives you many options.

Love it Let's say... I don't have to store pictures on my phone anymore ! It works great on my Android phone.

Fast offline viewing The best way to quickly view your Shutterfly photos and show them to others. No waiting for downloads. It downloads your photos for fast offline viewing, automatically. I also use Snapwood's Flickfolio for Flickr. If you upload a lot of photos to Shutterfly, this app is a good companion program and worth a fee.

Fantastic app that works flawlessly every single time. If you use Shutterfly this is worth the nominal one-time fee. So many cool and useful options. The settings enable you to upload when you want, only when charging, only on WiFi, immediately, or force them to save your precious photos.

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