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عند محاولة ربط البطاقة و مسح الكود الموجود عليها تظهر لي رسالة خطأ و لا يمكنني تسجيل الدخول والاستفادة من الكوبونات Perfect!

Very helpful but since the recent updates I am not being informed about the offers. Pls help!! Must have

The application icon always shows a "1" on it which doesn't vanish after the notification is viewed. Omg

I cant login.i put the zip code but the color red word says'this field is requird'so whats the zipcode of riyadh.pls.answer me. Good

عجبني الابليكيشن كتير خصوصا الكارد اقدر استخدمه بسهوله وكمان العروض والأوفرات Perfect!

I've been using Shukran app for a while now and it has been extremely useful with cool features like digital card, personalised coupons, transaction history and locating nearby stores. Worth a go!

Shukran Apps is very useful and helpful every time I shop at Landmark Group stores. It helps me to understand how much points I will earn, my current tier status, locating store. I am using digital card for all my transaction even without internet in all stores. This is a fantastic apps and useful to me... 5 star

Shukran app has been helpful since the time I've downloaded it. The most essential benefit being I can use my digital card & earn points. Also allows me to check the latest personalized offers which is good. Recommend

One of the only loyalty apps that transparently shows you the value of your points. Pretty cool for getting shopping deals in so many brands! Cool

It is alawys showing new notification and there is nothing and can not be removed Fabulous!

The registration is complicated. You need to log to the web insert card# & write ur email then u get verification code u insert it then u logg to the app.. Now, Where is the claim part in the website to insert the invoice number ??!! I couldn't find it . Any help plz ... Works great

Hello.. i have purchased for the 1st time using shukran card on 17 september...and still no points added.. is there a specific period for adding points? love it

Did a purchase yesterday using virtual card but still the points have not been added whereas it should reflect immediately. It's showing 11 shukrans and under that 40 shukrans pending..made that 40shukrans purchase on 1st September . Marvelous

Can't find any section were I can submit my invoice code on the app to get my points Enjoy it!

Please tell me how I will add my point s to shukran card... I forgot to take card today. love it

Not sure of all the negative feedback but I managed to install the app, register and activate my card without any issues. The response is a little slow other than that it's a well usable app. Not bad

Hi, I transferred the app to SD card and it stopped working. I had to uninstall it and change its location to phone memory to make it working Works perfectly

Well i would like to tell u tht there is city max at tabarjal(saudi arabia). We got shukran card from there everytime they u swipe the card but no use when i tried it online in ur site abt the card. Its shows tht card is not active....i dont know wht to say abt ittt Great!

hi i have shukran card but why i cant link my shukran card? please answer thankyou Perfect!

Hi, i am not able to linked my shukran card. I have also sent you email as well. Please resolve this issue. Thanks Awesome

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