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This company is working hard to become the leader in this new technology, and they are rapidly succeeding. Try it, you'll like it. wow lol

Im honestly loving this app, its helping a lot to be able to pass out flyers. For missing people online. Thank you shuffle for helping and creating this! I also know this is also a possible business oppurtubity. Love it...mainly needs to be used for people who will use this app to the max. Which is what I'm doing. Doing the flyers for the family for free. Advocates if they want in ill bring it to there attesbtin. Must have

I hv contacted customer svc about getting a hit from the same person cover 100x . But I hvnt gotten a response.I love the app paired w/ My Bluetooth marketing Beacon from Royaltie. It automatically gvs me a "Https" address which solved the main advertising problem.I now can broadcast my bizz, website and landing page from one web address! I just wish customer svc would respond. Fabulous!

Easy set up and beautiful card! However no one can actually open it when I text it. Well done!!

Very cool, innovative, and user friendly. Plenty of support on website and helpful YouTube vids. Very good residual income plan. Go well

So Far So Good Very user friendly app. and easy to setup. It was nice to be able to share all of my social media links, company website and YouTube videos all together with my Virtual Business Card. To top it all off, you're able to see whether your Virtual Business Card is being opened to be viewed. Omg

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